Customers Say MONQ Blends Alleviate Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety

Monq reviews on alleviating stress & anxiety symptoms

Customers Review MONQ Blends as Remedies for Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety

“highly recommened”

“I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for most of my life. I just recently purchased Zen. When I have anxiety attacks I usually have to take a xanax to pull myself out of it. However, after getting the Zen-I havent used ONE xanax since I got this monq. IT IS WORTH THE MONEY.”—Jennifer Zen

“Holy moly, it works!”

“I’ve had issues falling asleep for some time now, due to anxiety and PTSD. Along with Zoloft, this stuff has been a liffesaver. I’ve been sleeping better than I have in over a decade. Tastes and smells great, too!”—Sarah H. Sleepy

“How zen truly has helped me”

“I absolutely love monq. I struggle with anxiety since my toxic past relationship. I have fear of being alone and when I use monq I’m literally a different person. I love it and I truly can’t express how much ZEN has helped me be calm and just relax. When I feel anxious I just take a puff and just relax while I exhale and I’m like “now I feel better.” If you haven’t used ZEN or any other brand depending on what you’re looking for, you need to!! It’s just simply amazing”—Jennifer K. Zen

“I absolutely adored my zen”

“I absolutely adored my zen monq. It helped so much with my anxiety. Will definately buy more when I’m out!”—Jacqueline M. Zen

“I absolutely love these!!!!! I”

“I absolutely love these!!!!! I was skeptical about essential oils but I’ve always wanted to see if they work so I decided to give these a try and they work better than anything I’ve tried to improve my overall mood and reduce anxiety. So glad I tried these, I’ll definitely be ordering more”—Sam P. Any 4 Blends


“If you are hesitant, I am here to tell you just do it! I was never a smoker nor did I vape, but I always had the urge. I use MONQ everyday and my anxiety has decreased a bit!! I highly recommend this product:)”—Tatiana C. Sexy

“I am in love with”

“I am in love with my Monq’s. I have anxiety and depression and the Zen helps me a little and I can make it through the day. Thank you for your products!”—Katelyn M. Any 4 Blends

“I bought the Ocean MONQ”

“I bought the Ocean MONQ for my sister and I honestly can’t wait to buy my own!The scents are so soothing and really help her with her anxiety!”—Bridget F. Ocean

“I can’t live with my Monqs!”

“Amazing product – helps me deal with my anxiety. I use: Happy, Active, Zen, & Sleepy & it’s really helping. I don’t know what I would do without it.”—Christine M. Any 4 Blends

“I couldn’t be more thrilled!”

“I suffer from depression and severe anxiety, and my life is far from calm & relaxing. I heard about MONQ products, and tried the zen & happy ones first…needless to say, I was hooked! I couldn’t be more thrilled with both of them, & can’t put into words how much they both have helped me! In fact, I recently bought a 4 pack to try new ones! Although, I have to admit, I ordered 2 more happy ones 😉 they’re my favorite! Thank you, MONQ!”—Deondra B. Any 4 Blends

“I definitely feel like it”

“I definitely feel like it works to calm me down when my anxiety is kicking in.”—Rebecca H. Zen

“I enjoyed it”

“I got the mountain blend, it helps me with yoga, so if i’m having a bad anxiety attack. It helps calm my nerves.”—Leslie P. Mountain

“I feel amazing”

“I struggle with anxiety a good bit and MONQ has not only helped me take my mind off of it, but feel better!”—Amber D. Happy

“I Feel Wonderful!”

“I ordered Zen and Sleepy and ended up receiving Healthy for free. I was so excited to recieve these! I suffer from anxiety, stress and depression at times and I have to say when I tried Zen it nearly kicked in right away and I felt amazing. It’s been a very long time that I’ve felt so amazing! It really helps and it’s so calming and relaxing! I absolutely love it and my boyfriend tried it as well and says it’s awesome! I’ve ordered the Nature series (2 sets!) I can’t wait to recieve them and try them as well! Love them! Thanks so much Monq!”—Jenny Rickertsen Zen

“I figured I’d try Monq”

“I figured I’d try Monq as a more natural way to deal with my anxiety. It is by no means a replacement for medication or therapy, but I actually found it extremely helpful and will definitely be ordering again!”—Kayla G. Healthy

“I first didn’t expect that”

“First I didn’t thought it would help but I had hope it would. It took me a few days to test it and at first I was disappointed. But learning how to use it helped me a lot. I’m suffering from insomnia, depression and anxiety. It helped me together with zen to be calm and now I can fall asleep faster and sleep tighter.”—Ronja U. Sleepy

“I found out about Monq”

“I found out about Monq for Kendall Rae and it has changed my life!! It calms me while I’m having an anxiety attack and it just all around betters my life.”—Gracie H. Zen

“I had no idea how”

“I had no idea how well this would help with my anxiety disorders!! Thank you so much”—Holly N. Happy

“I have always struggled with”

“I have always struggled with stress and anxiety, so I was pretty excited to try something to help with that. I love this blend and I am looking forward to buy more and try other blends!”—Joya B. Zen

“I have anxiety and zen”

“I have anxiety and zen really seems to help me keep calm. I’ll be buying more!”—Breanna B. Zen

“I have anxiety I bought”

“I have anxiety I bought Monq to help with it a little and it does.”—Carmela A. Zen

“I have been suffering from”

“I have been suffering from anxiety for the last 10 years, and even here lately I have been struggling with it on top of my medication. I ordered the Zen and it has helped me tremendously.”—Amberlie S. Zen

“I have brought the active”

“I have brought the active monq and it is amazing. When I am feeling little down or feeling anxious. I just take 2 puffs and my anxiety goes away and/or give me energy”—jessica v. Active

“I heard of monq from”

“I heard of monq from a youtuber (Krist soup) i purchased the zen monq and I love it! It help with my anxiety almost instantly. I plan to be a returning customer and try every blend. The customer service was amazing I only wish they shipped faster.”—Madison C. Zen

“I love all the MONQs!!!”

“I love all the MONQs!!! I got the pack of all 7 so I could try them out and see which ones I liked best, so I could purchase them individually from there. But now that I’ve tried them all I might keep getting the 7 pack again!! They have helped me so much with my anxiety, but also whenever I need extra energy or uplifting they help so well! I love them!”—Colleen R. undefined”

“I love essential oils. I”

“I love essential oils. I diffuse them around my house all of the time, and have always wanted to use them in my car. I have tried making home-made versions of them for my car and looking for mini ones online. I have bad driving anxiety and have since I was a teenage. Now I store MONQs in my car and they have saved my morning commute! Will always be a customer!”—Courtney J. Active

“I tend to suffer from”

“I tend to suffer from panic attacks and mild overall anxiety. My zen pen literally improves this drastically. A couple breathes and I feel brand new. Being able to carry it around in my purse or pocket gives me that extra bit of comfort that really is a game changer.”—Sarah M. Zen

“I thought it worked great!”

“I know there for a little while that I was going through some changes, and suffering from anxiety and whatnot really sucked. But once I tried the Zen pen with the happy along with the other ones that I purchased, it really did turn my life around. And I also highly recommended this to a few of my friends to see what they think of this after giving them my experience with them”—Darien H. Any 4 Blends

“I tried the Zen and”

“I tried the Zen and Sleepy and they both help a lot with anxiety and calming down for me. I recommend everyone try this to see if it helps them as much as me!”—Heather K. undefined

“I used a whole month of this in like 2 days”

“This is killer for social anxiety, but obviously I over used it abit, would recommend 11/10. hecking sweet product.”—Karissa W. Zen

“I used the Zen and”

“I used the Zen and to my surprise, it really did work a lot better than I expected it too! It kept me calm and level headed during busy times at work and really helped with relieving anxiety.”—Alenna D. Zen

“I use it to combat”

“I use it to combat my PTSD/anxiety/depression, and while it doesn’t fix the problem, it definitely helps me manage it.”—Shea F. Zen

“I want to get more.”

“Monq is so helpful to me. I have really bad insomnia and anxiety. And the sleepy, and the zen work wonders for me. Everyone should def check them out.”—Michaela S. Any 4 Blends

“I wanted to find my Zen”

“I’ve been dealing with anxiety and stress and have a family history of depression. As someone who doesn’t have the type of insurance that covers counseling and prescription medication, I thought I would try MONQ. Wow! Zen and Happy are my go-to blends!! I highly recommend them if you get irritated while driving or irritated while working or irritated while sleeping! I bought a 4 pack with Healthy and Sexy and I use them all almost every day!! I’m hooked!!!!!”—Amanda A. Any 4 Blends

“I was never a believer in essential oils…”

“I love my Monq! I was never a believer in the power of essential oils, but when my depression and anxiety started to take a toll on my relationship, I was willing to give anything a try to avoid prescription medication. I have had my Monq for two weeks, and I have not had a single panic attack! I’m much happier now with my Monq, and it has saved my closest relationships.”—Sydney R. Happy

“I will definitely be buying”

“I will definitely be buying again! I prefer Monq over other remedies to help reduce anxiety symptoms .”—Christina D. Zen

“I would definitely recommend this”

“I would definitely recommend this to people with anxiety and or depression.”—Victoria M. Happy

“I would highly recommend I’ve”

“I would highly recommend I’ve been having anxiety attacks and decided to try these and it actually lowered the amount I’ve had”—Jed P. Active

“I’m 100% obsessed!!!”

“I love every single one of the blends that I purchased! Happy is probably my new favorite and zen is just incredible! I have horrible anxiety and I have tried everything under the sun to help ease the symptoms and these little magic sticks have honestly saved my sanity! The scents are so incredible and relaxing and the way you have to breathe the air in is also a great reminder to just slow down, take a few deep breaths and just relax! Thank you Monq for giving me back my freedom! I will definitely be back for more!”—Jennifer G. Any 4 Blends

“I’m Convinced!”

“I was hesitant to purchase a MONQ because I was unsure of its effectiveness, but after trying Zen for a few weeks, I cannot wait to buy another! It works so well and definitely helps me calm my anxiety and relieve stress that builds up through the day. I can’t wait to try other blends”—Alli Zen

“I’m happy with Happy”

“I’m very happy with my Happy MONQ. I use it to calm from anxiety by taking 3 breathes plus one Sleepy MONQ for some chamomile. I can relax for hours.”—Shelia B. Happy

“I’m in love”

“I have really bad anxiety and PTSD. I was desperate to try anything, and I heard about them over facebook, so I decided to try zen. After my first week, I could really feel the effects. It doesn’t feel like something that can calm you down, it feels like something that you can calm down with. I’m in love with zen and I’m planning on trying more styles soon!”—Keely Zen

“I’m in love”

“Zen si my first love, the first scent I tried: definitely working for me!! I am suffering of anxiety in these days and I couldn’t find the time to relax or take a break from whatever was stressing me, then I met Monq! Love at first puff 😉
I also bought Sexy, can’t wait to try it!!!
Italy loves Monq and I’ll spread the love and the scent ;)”—Serena M. Zen

“I’m so happy with my”

“I’m so happy with my monq! I was very sceptical at first thinking this was too good to be true; it can’t be good for you and what not but I did a ton of research and thought I’d give it a try. I suffer from depression and anxiety, Zen, Active, and Happy get my through my days. I would suggest giving it a try.”—Nikki D. Any 4 Blends

“I’m so HAPPY with my MONQ”

“I recently purchased the Happy MONQ and I haven’t breathed easier. It has helped my anxiety that makes work rushes seem like nothing.”—Mackenzie Y. Happy

“I’m in love”

“Even though these products are in no way intended to ‘cure’ any illness/disease, I have found that this product has helped me with my anxiety. I feel calmer and more relaxed after using my diffuser. The way you’re supposed to exhale out of your nose afterwards really does help to achieve that typical “Zen” feeling! I’m happy with my purchase and I’ll be purchasing more of your products very soon!!! Thanks so very much, MONQ”—Megan J. Zen

“I’m so happy with it!”

“I’m so happy with it! Helps a lot when I have my anxiety feeling.”—Jocelyn Ocean

“Stressful days are gone!”

“I was very excited to try monq and thought this would be great to releasing stress and anxiety. I took Happy to work with me today and i was very pleased with the effects it had on me. I only ordered 4 of the 7 varieties, but now i wish i had gone with the 7 pack. Will be order the other varieties soon. I selected to be an ambassador so i can share my experience! Thank you for providing a great alternative to harmful substances.”—Kelly York Happy

“Such a solid product!”

“I saw an add for monq on facebook. Having to deal with depression and anxiety for a while now, I decided to give the zen monq and the active monq a try. While I don’t think it’s a definitive cure for any disease or ailment, it certainly helps me unwind at the end of the day or relax and prepare for my day in the morning. The diffuser itself is also so chic and well made! I can’t wait to try the vibrant and happy blends next!”—Travis N. Any 4 Blends

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The above information relates to studies of specific individual essential oil ingredients, some of which are used in the essential oil blends for various MONQ diffusers. Please note, however, that while individual ingredients may have been shown to exhibit certain independent effects when used alone, the specific blends of ingredients contained in MONQ diffusers have not been tested. No specific claims are being made that use of any MONQ diffusers will lead to any of the effects discussed above.  Additionally, please note that MONQ diffusers have not been reviewed or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. MONQ diffusers are not intended to be used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, prevention, or treatment of any disease or medical condition. If you have a health condition or concern, please consult a physician or your alternative health care provider prior to using MONQ diffusers. MONQ blends should not be inhaled into the lungs.

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