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The first blend of the Apothecary collection— Relieve 

Goodlettsville, TN (August 20, 2018) – MONQ has scientifically crafted a new essential oil blend for their personal essential oil diffusers called Relieve. Relieve is focused on easing various aches and pains from head to toe in an all-natural healing solution.

After selling over a million personal essential oil diffusers in their Feel the Way You Want line featuring seven blends that can help with mood, and their Feel Nature line containing three blends reminiscent of various natural elements, Relieve is the first in a new line of Apothecary blends that can help the user soothe and comfort various afflictions.

“After four years of diligently designing blends to provide positive effects on our customers, I am thrilled to be releasing Relieve as the first of our Apothecary line of products, bringing the ancient healing tradition into the center of the modern world,” said MONQ’s CEO, Eric Fishman, MD.

The inspiration behind Relieve and the Apothecary line points to MONQ’s dedicated research into holistic therapies that actually work. While this blend is a natural solution, its efficacy is backed by research in the laboratories at MONQ.

The three main ingredients of this blend are helichrysumspikenard, and ginger essential oils. The anti-inflammatory properties in these oils work together to ease discomfort since inflammation is a very common cause of minor aches and pains all over the body.

Relieve MONQ is an effective, natural, and easy solution to help ease physical discomfort associated with stress, tension, or pressure from head to toe.

“We believe that the knowledge gained over the years will prove itself helpful, and we anticipate that Relieve MONQ will be the most effective of our blends so far,” said Fishman.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

About MONQ
Founded by Eric Fishman, MD, MONQ is changing the way the world thinks about aromatherapy by incorporating it into our daily lives, making it a lifestyle, making it personal, and clarifying why it is so effective. Eric Fishman, also known as Dr. MONQ, believes in creating products which people can use to improve their overall wellness and live a better life. When you use an aromatherapy product, you are, in our opinion, replacing many of the natural compounds that your bodies are used to having, and need from our environment. Using MONQ products can ultimately help to lower stress every day, any time of the year!

For more information about MONQ, please visit www.monq.com.
For media inquiries please contact Rachel Donovan at [email protected].
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Megan I.

By Megan Imwalle

Megan is an advocate for the outdoors and loves finding natural solutions to any problem. She enjoys sharing the science behind essential oils and how they can improve the lives of those who use them.

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