The Popularity of the Paleo Diet Explained

paleo diet

The Paleo Diet is a plan that focuses on eating foods that were regularly consumed by humans during the Paleolithic era.1 When following the Paleo Diet, individuals primarily consume a diet full of fish, seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

On this diet, individuals are not permitted to consume dairy, grains, or legumes. Proponents of the diet discuss how the Agricultural Revolution has significantly changed human diets, and that the human body is unable to keep up with the drastic dietary changes.

This theory is supported by the various diseases that did not exist in the Paleolithic area that are now prevalent in modern society. Highlighted in this article is an explanation of why the Paleo diet has become so popular, and why it’s likely here to stay.

Paleo DietEffectively Maximizes Weight Loss

Perhaps the greatest thing that the Paleo Diet has going for it is its inherent ability to promote weight loss. Because the diet is centered around consuming whole foods, it allows followers to experience significant weight-loss results without necessarily having to do much except stick to the requirements of the diet.

While a large part of the weight loss that you might experience during the initial stages of the diet is largely water weight, as you progress and sustain the diet, you will begin to experience more significant weight loss without introducing negative metabolic risk factors associated with low-fat diets.2

Sustainability Lifestyle Change

Another primary reason that the Paleo Diet has become so popular among mainstream dieters is that it offers a level of sustainability that you simply cannot get with a lot of “fad” diets because a majority of those diets focus on calorie restriction. While this is certainly the most viable way of helping dieters achieve weight loss, it is not something that is sustainable long-term.

The Paleo Diet does not set specific caloric restrictions, and instead, it relies on the individual to simply stop eating once they are full. In fact, studies show that the Paleo diet is much more satisfying per calorie than a Mediterranean-style diet.3

More People Are Recognizing Food Allergies and paleo dietIntolerances

Another reason why the Paleo diet has gained such steam among those looking to improve their health and wellness is that an increasing number of people worldwide are beginning to better recognize potential food allergies and intolerances they might have. This is evident in everyday life when you head to the supermarket and see all of the manufacturers selling dairy alternatives and gluten-free grains. Not only does it show that an increased proportion of the population is becoming more health-conscious, but it’s also helpful for individuals who have these specific food intolerances.

Becoming Easier to Follow

Today, you can find all kinds of conveniently designated Paleo products sold not only at specialty grocery stores but also online. Because of this, it’s becoming increasingly easy to implement a Paleo diet without having to give up a lot of modern conveniences.

For instance, you can find all kinds of Paleo substitutes at just about every grocery store, including but not limited to almond flour, coconut flour, coconut oil, coconut milk, and more. This convenience factor is not to be ignored when it comes to examining the rising popularity of the Paleo Diet.

paleo dietThe Paleo Lifestyle

In addition to encouraging a healthier diet, the Paleo movement encourages a complete lifestyle change rather than simply a change in diet. Included in these lifestyle changes is getting more daily exercise and spending more time outdoors in nature.

Not only does the Paleo lifestyle encourage bringing your diet back to how Paleolithic humans ate, but it also encourages a return to breathing the healthy air that Paleolithic humans breathed. So, when following the Paleo lifestyle, you are encouraged to incorporate more fresh air into your daily life.

This can be as simple as taking a walk in the woods and breathing in the terpenes—healthy plant secondary metabolites—found there. However, this is not always possible due to city living, busy workdays, pollution, and other limitations. Luckily, the terpene-rich air found in forests is readily available in essential oils which can be used aromatically or topically to provide a range of health benefits.

One of the most convenient ways to take essential oils on the go is with a personal diffuser like Active MONQ which provides you with a breath of the healthy secondary metabolites found in plants anywhere at any time.

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By Aaron Williams

Aaron is an freelance writer and avid fan of anything having to do with essential oils. In his spare time he can be found taking care of his 2 cats and exploring the world of virtual reality.

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