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Spearmint is a hardy perennial that can thrive in a wide variety of climates and is identified by its serrated leaves and fresh aroma. Spearmint has been called common mint, mackerel mint, lambs mint, and many other names throughout its long history of supporting human health.

Today, spearmint has many practical uses including easing digestion, anti-inflammatory, and provides stress relief.1 It also may surprise you to know spearmint is also used as a nootropic.

Brief History of Spearmint

Spearmint has been an important medicinal herb and spice since ancient times and is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean. Biblical references to spearmint suggest how treasured it was. It was even used as a tithe for religious purposes.2

The Roman historian Pliny was the first to mention the cognitive enhancing capacity of the herb when he described how spearmint is used to arouse the mind and appetite for consumption.3

Nootropic Benefits of Spearmint

Today, the benefits of spearmint for the mind and body have not gone unnoticed by the nootropic community. Modern medical science has found clinical evidence to support Pliny’s suggestion that spearmint does indeed arouse the mind for improved efforts.

Improved Blood Circulation

The first thing any nootropic enthusiast should know is that the brain works best when well-supplied. A brain that is struggling to meet demands while operating from irregular nutrient supply and decreased oxygen levels is a brain on its way to the cognitive deficit.

By the same measure, when the brain is fully supplied with the nutrients and oxygen it requires there are no limits to the endurance and sheer ingenuity of mental output. There are two important nutrients in spearmint that work to enhance the brain’s supply lines.

The first is iron. Spearmint contains more iron than you need each day in a single tablespoon.4 Iron not only improves the production of blood cells but increases the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen to the brain and extremities.5

Spearmint is also a good source of potassium which is essential to counteract the effects of sodium. Potassium reduces blood pressure and thus improves the conditions of blood vessels throughout the body and especially the brain.6

Increased Concentration

Sometimes the greatest obstacle to a productive mind comes at days end. Fatigue and exhaustion begin begging the brain to quit for the day. But freshness can be replenished and it’s just a cup of tea away.

Studies show that the potent freshness of menthol, as found in spearmint and peppermint, slaps the mind into full awareness even when dragged down by other physical conditions, like respiratory conditions.7 The cognitive improvements provided by spearmint seem to enhance reasoning capacity as well as the propensity for focus.8

Take the invigorating spearmint essential oil with you wherever you go with a personal essential oil diffuser like FOCUS MONQ.

Improved Memory

Spearmint contains a very powerful phenolic compound called rosmarinic acid. This is the same healthy phenol found in rosemary, oregano, sage, and members of the mint family. Rosmarinic acid is a potent antioxidant capable of passing through the blood-brain barrier and protecting memory channels from oxidative stress.

Studies show that spearmint extracts with a high quantity of rosmarinic acid can effectively protect the aging brain from memory loss. Accuracy and memory quality were two aspects of cognitive function that spearmint improves.9

Reaction Times and Cognitive Function

A regular spearmint supplement can do more than just improve brain health. According to new research, spearmint could be the performance enhancer that makes a more formidable competitor in the sports world.

The Makato Arena was used to test how spearmint extracts in a newly developed botanical supplement increased hand-eye coordination, mental-reaction time, and focus. A group of healthy individuals aged 18 to 50 were given spearmint extracts at breakfast for 90 days.

The test showed that supplementation with spearmint began improving reaction time after only 7 days. Cognitive acuity and reaction times were increased after 30 days of supplementation.10

Hormonal Balance

The brain and body rely on a delicate chemical balance that is used to regulate and direct biological processes. When these hormones get out of balance, the consequences can throw the smooth function of the mind and emotions completely out of whack.

For women, this can be symptomatic of the monthly menstrual cycle and is experienced very differently from person to person. Studies found that a 5-day cycle of spearmint tea during the menstrual cycle can suppress the hormone testosterone and promote reproductive health.

The study went on to explain how spearmint is used to control the condition of hirsutism, which causes hair to grow where hair does not usually grow. This is a condition shared with men and women and caused by hormonal imbalance.11

Risks and Precautions for Spearmint Supplement

Spearmint is a popular herb used by many and there have been no negative side effects when consumed in reasonable proportions by generally healthy people. Spearmint taken as an oral supplement is more potent and those with specific conditions should consult a physician before including this supplement in their diet.

Kidney and Liver Disorders

Spearmint is potentially harmful to an unhealthy liver or kidney. These risks are increased with the quantity of spearmint consumed.

Breastfeeding and Expecting Mothers

Since what the mother consumes can be passed to the developing child, it is best to consult a qualified doctor before introducing spearmint supplements to the diet.12

Final Thoughts

Spearmint herb has been used for centuries on end for religious and medical purposes. Experience the variety of nootropic benefits spearmint has to offer by trying it today!

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