Founder’s Message: Maximize Your Experience

Shakespeare’s quote, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” may ring true when it comes to naming flowers but not when breathing terpenes!

Ever notice that MONQ recommends you breathe in your mouth and out your nose? It’s a different kind of breath—a “backward” breath—known as retronasal breathing. That retronasal breath allows the active ingredients in our aromatherapy, terpenes, to best stimulate the linings of your nose and mouth, and all the olfactory, or scent, receptors in those linings. Those receptors immediately send signals to your olfactory bulb to help you feel the way you want—Happy, Sexy, Zen, Sleepy.

Want more good news? By breathing simply in your mouth and out your nose without inhaling to the lungs, you’ll maximize the absorption of those terpenes, so you experience more therapeutic goodness with each breath.

What happens if you inhale MONQ therapeutic air into your lungs? Very little—because your lungs retain more than 50% of fragrant molecules when inhaled. That means all the healthy terpenes your body craves simply stay there, and without the concentrated olfactory receptors there to process them, they just gradually filter out of your body.

So, be confident that you are maximizing your experience with each breath of terpene-rich air you breathe—all supporting your holistic wellness.

Want more support? Join me on Instagram @monq to learn more about how MONQ helps you feel better, do better, be better!

Be well,

Eric Fishman, M.D.
Founder & CEO

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