Founder’s Message: Fall 2020

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I believe it’s fair to say that 2020 has been a strange and challenging year. No one could have predicted the diverse number of obstacles we’d navigate in our local and global communities, and as we round the corner to a new season, we could all use a little comfort and reassurance. 

That’s exactly what we hope to bring you. 

As we step into cooler weather and watch nature paint the treelines, we hope you’ll find comfort in family, the rites of passage of the season—hot chocolate, warm fires, soft sweaters and woolen blankets—and holiday traditions. 

To support you in finding comfort and reassurance, we’re committing to the same great quality—pure therapeutic air designed to help you feel the way you want—while providing you with blends specially formulated to evoke feelings of nostalgia. 

Our newest blend, Cozy, joins seasonal blends Pumpkin Spice and Cheer, all designed to stimulate your senses and remind you of familiar times. Cozy and Pumpkin Spice include essential oils known for their thermogenic properties; in other words, they warm the body as they stimulate the mind. 

Our hope is that despite the upheaval of 2020, you will continue to seek out holistic wellness and that MONQ may complement that journey, making it a bit easier to put aside the worries of the day and replace them with wonderfully warming memories of hearth and home. 

Be well and be comforted.

Eric Fishman, M.D. 
Founder & CEO


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