Founder’s Message: Expanding Your Experience with a New Collection


2020 is a visionary year, and MONQ has started it strong! 

As part of our choose your blend, choose your experience initiative, we’re launching a new collection: MONQ Roll-On Essential Oil Blends. 

MONQ Roll-Ons build on our existing blend families to create topical aromatherapy solutions for your wellness journey. We’re launching this collection with blend favorites, FOCUS, Relieve, and Sleepy

Formulated by our certified aromatherapist using pure essential oils in carrier oil blends, MONQ Roll-Ons may be applied directly to your temples, neck, wrists, hands, or areas of soreness to deliver the therapeutic benefits you seek. 

More importantly, MONQ is empowering you to choose the experiences that make sense for your wellness journey.  Whether you prefer our original personal aromatherapy diffusers, rechargeable MONQ R devices, Therapeutic Fragrance® bottled blends, or, now, MONQ Roll-Ons, MONQ has something just for you. 

As always, MONQ remains committed to your safety and wellness. Those aren’t just company commitments. Those are personal ones, from me to you. So, enjoy your aromatherapy anywhere®, however you choose, with confidence knowing that you are breathing the only doctor-approved therapeutic air®.  

Here’s to hoping MONQ will help you feel the way you want® throughout this year. 

Eric Fishman, M.D. 

Founder & CEO 


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