Reiki Meditation: Origins and Meanings

overview of reiki meditation

Many countries in the world practice some type of healing ritual or technique. Individuals who harness this energy can act as a conduit, delivering healing power to people who need it.

A man named Mikao Usui developed a system for accessing this healing energy known as Reiki. Many groups of individuals use this particular form of healing, as well as teach it to students that will be able to harness and use the energy.

Below is a brief explanation of what Reiki is, the origins of this healing technique, and how to do Reiki meditation.

The Origins Of Reiki

The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words. The first is “Rei” which means all life in the universe. The second is “Ki” which refers to all of the energy in the universe. In fact, Ki is referred to as “Chi” in China, referencing the exact same energy that naturally flows through the body. What Mikao Usui realized is that though this energy is free-flowing, when used with a specific intent, it can be used to heal. The person must also be attuned to these healing frequencies, something that is accomplished when a Reiki master is able to attune his or her students using Reiki symbols.

Although there is a substantial amount of mysticism surrounding using this technique for healing others, it is very straightforward. Whether you are looking at running energy or prayer, it’s all about becoming a conduit for this invisible force. Some believe that you are accessing this through the earth, a concept discussed in religions such as Wicca. Others believe that it originates from the universe. Yet in each case, the healer discovers a way to attune to the frequency of energy that heals.

What Are Reiki Symbols?

Five traditional symbols are used in Reiki. These are specifically used by those that practice what is called Usui Reiki. It is the application of these symbols, typically inscribed—drawn out in the air—on the back of a student, that attunes the student to specific healing frequencies. This is done with each of the symbols, with each one representing an attunement. While they are making these gestures, they are imparting the attunement to others using the symbols. After obtaining all of the attunements, an individual reaches the level of Reiki Master.

Overview Of Reiki Symbols

Although most of Reiki symbols are elaborate, some of them are basic in design. These are typically used in a specific order to attune each student, providing them with different levels of healing abilities. The symbols are considered sacred, only known to those who have received them: usually the Reiki masters that have gone through training. There has been some controversy regarding these symbols, however. Some have questioned how much Reiki masters have charged for attunements or whether the symbols should be released to the public.

Cho Ku ReiCho Ku Rei

This symbol means “placing all of the power of the universe here.” The purpose of this symbol is to augment the amount of power that is used depending on which way the symbol is drawn, like a dimmer switch, allowing adjustment of the amount of healing energy being used. Others refer to this as an expanding and contracting coil acting as a catalyst for purification, cleansing, and physical healing. It is also used for focusing one’s attention, which is critical in healing.

SeiheikiSei Hei Ki

This symbol is representative of harmony. It is designed to bring balance to the person that will be doing the healing. It is also used for purification, allowing for focus on both emotions and states of mind. Some people see this symbol as a wave coming at a beach, or perhaps a bird in flight. It is often used when healers are trying to help someone that is suffering from depression or addiction. If someone has had problems in their earlier life, this could be a trauma or block that is affecting their creative energies. These blocks could cause illness within individuals, and removing them allows for healing. Both of these symbols are primarily used in the presence of those that are going to be healed by the Reiki practitioner.

Hon Sha Ze Sho NenHonshazeshonen

This symbol is designed to send healing energy over a long distance. There are many people who believe that, when it comes to healing, distance is nothing more than a perception. As a result of this, Reiki practitioners developed a term called “nonlocal” to describe the phenomena of distance healings. In Reiki, once you have received this particular attunement, you have the ability to become entangled with and send healing energy to those you envision. In addition to crossing physical distance, this particular frequency of healing can go back in time, allowing potential resolution of past life issues affecting individuals in the present.

DaikomyoDai Ko Myo

This symbol is representative of a master of Reiki, a person that has reached enlightenment. It is only used when initiates become Reiki masters, attuned by current masters. It is said to have the ability to allow the healers to also be healed because they will be in a state of balance and harmony that causes maladies to fade away. This symbol also enhances their power, allowing initiates to do more with the energy accessed by the prior three frequencies.


This symbol is the most simple of all of the Reiki symbols given and presents as a lightning bolt. Its purpose is to ground the practitioner to the earth, or in other interpretations, seal the power of the symbols within the Reiki master. The symbol is drawn using a downward movement and can be used at the completion of a healing session. By doing so, the Reiki master enhances the probability of healing individuals in their presence, as well as those they are healing at a distance.

How Does Reiki Actually Work?

From a scientific perspective, there is no way to measure the power of Ki with scientific instruments. If this is a life force, and it is used or directed to help heal people, we can only rely upon the results that have been achieved. There are no clinical studies that have conclusively shown that healing energy is real, and most scientists believe that it is a result of the placebo effect. However, what is undebatable is the fact that many people that have gone to healers such as a Reiki master have reaped the benefits of these healing sessions.

How To Do A Reiki Meditation

There are many different ways to accomplish Reiki meditation, most of which are very simple. They involve finding a quiet, undisturbed place to meditate. It is recommended that you have a comfortable place to sit, with sounds of nature or water in the background. Meditation involves the use of the Reiki symbols, as well as recognition of the seven chakras—swirling vortices of energy—strategically positioned at certain levels of the body, in coordination with the spine. As you envision the Reiki symbols, you place your healing hand, the hand that the healing energy emanates from, over the areas of the seven chakras. This is a visualization process performed on each chakra, until you feel that that chakra is clean, resulting in a feeling of contentment. Once you have gone through all seven of the chakras, focusing on each of the Reiki symbols, you will sit quietly, assessing how you feel. There will be a point where you feel prompted to open your eyes and feel balanced and at peace. A Reiki meditation every week can help keep your energy system cleansed and inspire the free flow of Ki throughout your body, improving your health and helping you heal others.

 Reiki MeditationHow To Meditate With Only One Reiki Symbol

Meditation can be done easily with only one of the Reiki symbols. It’s really no different than a standard Reiki meditation and can be completed much more quickly. The key difference is to focus on your seven chakras using only the one Reiki symbol that you feel you need. For example, if you would like to feel balance within your body, you would focus on the harmony symbol, Sei Hei Ki, for this specific purpose. If you feel that you need to heal your body, the power symbol of Cho Ku Rei would best serve your purpose. If you are performing the session to heal a friend, once you have cleansed all of your chakras, you can focus on the distance symbol, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, to help them heal. This will allow for a more specific focus in both meditations and healings.

Reiki is a unique form of healing accessible to everyone. You simply need to find a Reiki master to provide you with the attunements. Once you have received all of the attunements, you will be able to heal and convey these attunements to others. It is a helpful form of healing that can create for balance in life, as well as in the lives of loved ones. If you have considered becoming a healer or enhancing your natural abilities, Reiki can certainly help you.



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