Raja Yoga Meditation – All That You Need To Know

Raja Yoga Meditation

Meditation is a journey of self-discovery and a journey inwards. It is time taken for silence and quiet reflection, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Taking time out is an excellent way to come back to a centered place of being.

The pace of life in the modern world is growing even quicker and humanity is losing touch with true inner peace and power. When you no longer feel grounded, you can experience yourself being pulled and pushed in multiple directions.

It is at this point when you start experiencing stress as well as a feeling of being trapped. Over time, the feeling gradually leads to disease and illness, as your emotional, physical, and mental health is thrown off balance.

Raja meditationWhat Is Raja Yoga Meditation?

Raja Yoga meditation is a form of meditation that’s mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita and subsequently popularized in the 19th century by Swami Vivekananda. It has continued to gain widespread popularity and is taught throughout the world to maintain mental sanity and stability. It is named ‘raja’ since it aims to instill the king-like qualities of awareness, confidence, and independence.

Raja Yoga meditation is a spiritual process for helping you understand yourself better and controls the body using the power of the mind. It helps awaken your positive qualities that are buried deep within. Thus, it allows for enhanced performance and teaches the importance of introspection and silence.

Raja Yoga meditation is accessible to people of various backgrounds. It doesn’t have mantras or rituals and can be practiced anywhere at any time. It is practiced with the eyes open, which makes it simple, versatile, and easy to practice.

How Do You Do Raja Yoga Meditation?

Raja Yoga meditation is easy to fit into your daily regimen. Practicing it regularly helps you release meaningless thoughts and worries from your mind. Below is a detailed description of exactly how it is done:

The Raja Yoga Meditation Technique

Step 1: Find a Calm Place

You should find a peaceful spot inside your house or go outside into the yard or garden and identify a suitable place for meditation. It is better to meditate early in the morning since there’s usually less noise. Meditating in the morning is also an excellent way to set your mod for the rest of your day.

You can play some soothing music in the background to help you get into a reflective mode or you can use MONQ’s Zen personal essential oil diffuser to help you relax and clear your mind. In the early stages of learning, you can find some specifically designed music to help you get into the meditation zone better. The place you choose should help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Comfy cushion
Step 2: Sit Comfortably

Sit comfortably either down on the ground/floor or on a chair. The lotus position works particularly well. If you are not comfortable in the seating position, shift to a more comfortable position. Ensure that you feel stable in your chosen seating position. Keep the shoulders down, open up the chest, and keep the back naturally straight. Place your palms gently on the knees.

Step 3: Be in the Present

Keeping the eyes open, gently look at a particular point in the room. Ensure that you avoid stressing the eyes by staring. Alternatively, light a candle, place it in front of you and then start concentrating on the light. Withdraw from everything around you slowly and start focusing on either your natural breathing or the point in the room i.e. the flame of the fire.

When doing this, your mind will probably have a range of thoughts passing through it. Don’t attempt to avoid them, but instead accept them gently and try to return to the present moment by getting back to the point of your focus. Avoid letting the thoughts get to you and instead look at it in a neutral way and allow it to pass. Exercise patience and deal with all the thoughts bombarding your head and always get back to your point of focus.

Step 4: Concentrate on a Thought

Once the flow of negative thoughts in your head decreases and you start feeling calm, form a positive thought to help you through your meditation practice. Visualize being still and quiet through the awareness of that thought. Ideally, the thought should be along the lines of “None is more peaceful than I.”

When concentrating on this idea, it will slowly start transforming into a feeling and refreshing your being. You will better understand the thought and this will lead you down a path with a profound sense of realization. Relish in more positive feelings and thoughts that spring from that single positive thought. Other memories and thoughts will probably try to disturb you, but you shouldn’t allow them to distract you. Simply allow them to pass by and resume your positive view.

Step 5: Maintain the Peace

As you are feeling the positive thought held in your head, a sense of tranquility will illuminate your being. Try holding on to the inner peace you attain during meditation and carry it throughout your day, which will ensure that you have a better experience of the day. Whenever you feel the peace slipping away or you start feeling overwhelmed by something, take time and start meditating to help you get back to your calm.

Practice the meditation initially for between 10 and 20 minutes or just several moments if you are outside or at work. As you continue to practice, you will start realizing the positive effect it has on your well-being overall and this will increase your concentrations and awareness.

Raja Yoga Infographic

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