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MONQ Meditation Series – Active


Meditating is a key method in understanding and transforming your mind. MONQ believes the practice of meditation and the use of essential oils often go hand in hand, which is why we’ve put together a MONQ Meditation series to accompany you through the process to become relaxed and at peace. Each video features a different focus and a guide to using a MONQ diffuser to enhance your experience. This video focuses on motivation to become more energized and active, so check out a MONQ Active diffuser with essential oils black pepper, orange, and sage to help find a more active self. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more guided meditation videos, like Zen and Vibrant.


Meditation Transcript

Hi and welcome to our MONQ Meditation Series. I’m Victoria Frazier and I get to guide you through today’s meditation in which we focus on a boost of energy. This could be in the morning when you first wake up, mid-day through right before a big meeting, or maybe you’re exhausted from a really long day, but it’s your best friend’s birthday and you gotta go out and give it your best shot. Wherever, whenever you need that extra boost.

So, find a place where you feel most comfortable and safe. This could be outside if you have the opportunity, or inside in a room in your home where you can shut the door, shut the blinds, and really let the rest of the world just fade away. This could also be in your car before heading into work, or before heading into that restaurant. Wherever you feel most comfortable and safe.

Once you’ve found your place, find a nice, comfortable, seated position. I like to be on the ground with a cushion underneath me or you could be seated in a chair with your feet pressed firmly in the ground, knees over ankles and then once you’re there take a nice, big, deep inhale. Bring your shoulders up towards your ears, exhale them down your spine because you want a really nice, long back. A clean line of energy from the crown of your head all the way down your tailbone. I like to put blocks under my knees to relieve any tension I might be feeling because you’re gonna be seated for about ten minutes, so any extra tension is completely unnecessary.

One of my favorite ways to enhance my meditation is with essential oils. I like to use MONQ Therapeutic Air. They have a personal diffuser that’s perfect. Little necklace to hang so I always know exactly where to find it. This is their Active, which I thought was kinda perfect for today. It’s got orange, black pepper, and sage. To use it you wanna bring the Therapeutic Air into your mouth, use your tongue to push it past your olfactory zones and out your nose. And because you want to bring the Therapeutic Air into your mouth, as opposed to into your lungs, I like to take a nice, big, deep breath first. And then bring it into my mouth.

Super easy, and that is your MONQ breath. Once you’ve found your comfortable seat, I invite you to take a hand mudra, which is basically yoga posture for your hands. This is the prana mudra, which gets really down deep in your energy that’s been stored and sort of balances your chi. You’re gonna take your ring finger and your pinky, press them against your thumb while keeping your middle finger and your index finger together and straight. Placing your hands palm up on your knees.

And now, when you’re ready, take a deep inhale and close your eyes. Bring your breath all the way down to the deepest part of your belly. Filling up a third of the way to the base of your diaphragm. Two-thirds of the way, to the top of your lungs. And finally, up to the very top of your throat, take a pause and exhale out slowly through your nose.

Begin to breathe solely through your nose, letting each inhale be the same length as your exhale. Letting each round of breath be a little bit longer than the last. Feel the fresh air coming into your lungs, filling the deepest part of your belly. Slowly filling up to the top of your lungs. The top of your throat, taking a slight pause and slowly exhaling it out. Letting everything fade away. Take five more rounds of breaths, just like this. Let the crown of your head relax, easing any lines that may have accumulated on your forehead. Let your jaw hang gently. Let your tongue sit lightly in your mouth. With every exhale, your shoulders descend a little bit more down your back.

Your arms hang gently. Your hands sitting softly on top of your knees. Feeling no tension in your knees or your hip flexors. Letting it fade away with every exhale. Feeling a calm center. Gaining a focus solely on your breath.

Notice where any last bit of tension may be sitting and with a nice big inhale, send your breath exactly there. Let it gather the tension and as you exhale, envision it a steam, evaporating out, leaving you at peace, with a sound mind.

If any thoughts from earlier in the day have crept into your mind, or any thoughts of what you have to do ten minutes from now, acknowledge them and let them go. This is your time. For you. To get centered and focused and energized. Imagine in the deepest part of your belly, an ember that had been covered in ash and your breath, your inhales, let it shine a little bit brighter and your exhales blow away the ash. And with each breath, it grows a little bit brighter.

Feel the light still shining in you. Feel it still, the warmth running through your veins. Your blood pumping it throughout your entire body, awakening your mind. And bringing forth that wonderful energy that you bring with you everywhere you go.

Let that energy allow you to wiggle your fingers and your toes. Bring them back to life. And on your next inhale, open your eyes.

zen rocks by ocean

Thank you so much for joining us today. I hope you feel activated, energized, and revitalized. You can do this anywhere, any time.



By Savannah Wilson

Savannah is an aromatherapy enthusiast who takes pride in knowing everything about essential oils, from ylang ylang to chamomile. When taking a break from learning more about essential oils, Savannah likes to spend her time reading books or working out.

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