Happy Meditation Mantras: Focusing On Your Inner Happiness

Focusing On Your Inner Happiness

Meditation is a practice that was once thought of by many in the West as sort of a “fringe” practice, even though it has been a major part of mental and emotional health in the East for many millenniums. However, over the past couple of decades as more people have come out praising the benefits that meditation brings to the table the process has become much more mainstream.

This is great since meditation can be beneficial in a number of ways. Harvard Medical School has published papers on some of the benefits that meditation has on a person’s emotional and physical well-being.1 There are many methods of meditating and one of the most popular is the use of mantras to focus.

Getting Started With Mantras

A mantra is simply a phrase, word, or sound that you repeat over and over as you are meditating. The purpose of this is to help lock out everything around you and create that funneled focus that is one of the major benefits of meditating over time. Traditionally in the Buddhist or Hindu practices, mantras were part of attaching to a vibration in the universe, going with the belief this connection is where meditation gains its benefits.2

The strength of using a mantra is helping to focus. If your mind likes to wander, then focusing it can be difficult, but it really is crucial for getting the most out of meditating. A mantra allows you to not only focus but to also train and condition yourself to focus every time you re-visit that mantra.

Creating a mantra you use for happiness means you can focus and really dive into the meditation and create a situation where you train your body to expect happiness every time you sit down and meditate. This is an incredible benefit and adds yet another layer to how powerful and wonderful meditation can be as a practice for you!

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The Meditation & Happiness Connection

There’s no denial at this point that meditation and happiness go hand in hand. In fact, you don’t need to look further than the mainstream as major publications like Forbes are diving into just how effective meditation can be for individuals.

The connection between meditation and happiness is undeniable, but there is a caveat here. This only works with consistent practice. While there is the occasional outlier where a person said they only did it once or twice and found permanent benefits, generally speaking, to get the most out of meditation you need to make this a regular part of your daily routine.

The good news? Most people who meditate consistently say they don’t consider it a chore or something they “have to do” but actually something they look forward to every day!

happy meditationDeveloping Your Happiness Mantras

There are a few general guidelines that can help guide you in making happiness mantras that work for you. There are some basic general ones that many people use when starting and for some, those are more than enough. However, if you find that they’re good but just not quite hitting home, then you’ll want to use some beginning happiness mantras and then develop your own custom chants.

So when testing out happiness mantras:

  • Focus on being grateful for your mantras
  • Create mantras that are uplifting and self-affirming
  • Celebrate the good & worthiness of yourself with your mantra, as it shouldn’t be dependent on anything else
  • Customize it to what works best for you

The more personal it is to you and the more uplifting, the better. For some people, that might be going with a classic “Ohm” or “Ahm” sound and focusing on feeling happy each time you make that sound and repeat that mantra (it can be verbal and aloud or mental – whichever works best for you).

A few examples of great happiness mantra starters include:

  • “Happiness grows within me”
  • “Every day I’m a little bit stronger”
  • “Happy”
  • “Better than before” or “Better than one breath ago”

These are all positive, they focus on bringing happy and content thoughts in with controlled breathing, and that can make them especially effective for meditating.

While an upbeat piece of music or line from a happy song can be tempting (“Don’t worry, be happy” is a classic example) the downside here is that it is really hard to avoid going through the entire song so then you’re not meditating, you’re fighting off the song on repeat. That’s how a good intention for meditation becomes self-distraction.

Final Thoughts

No matter where you look, more and more individuals are talking about the benefits that meditation brings to their life. From better concentration and focus to greater professional success, a good meditation regimen has so many great benefits. Adding in a happy mantra is a surprisingly easy way to get additional emotional benefits. Being happy is not only great for your health, but it is definitely a better way to enjoy life.

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By Jesse Waddell

Jesse is a writer and editor who enjoys being surrounded by the scents and relief that essential oils can provide. When he is not busy writing he can be found practicing the guitar and playing with his Yorkie named Little Terpene.

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