How Often Should You Get Massages?

how often should you get a massage

When you discover the power of massage therapy, you may feel pretty good about how relaxing it feels. However, you may have some reservations about how often you can be worked on by a masseuse. The good news is that the many benefits of massage—increased circulation, relaxation of tight muscles, and reduced feelings of stress—can be experienced at least weekly in most cases. Outlined below is an overview of how often individuals in different situations can safely get massages.

man getting a deep tissue massage on backAthletes

If you’re a serious athlete that considers yourself competition level, you’ll know what it means to push your body to greater heights and limits. This can lead to pulled or strained muscles, muscle pain, and other ailments. For this reason, regular massage sessions make sense for you. While you can drop by about once a week, you might also consider making more frequent appointments to loosen muscles aching after a workout.

Even if you’re someone who only works out a few times a week, you can still benefit from more massage treatments too. You can spend time with your massage therapist after your workout is completed. In fact, you may feel this to be a perfect blend of effort and relaxation. Following up a tough workout with a deep massage session could be beyond peaceful.1

Individuals with Chronic Pain

A massage could ease both the aches and pains in your body and your worries about dealing with the pain. In fact, if massage is effective, you may experience positive life changes. Once a week or every two weeks is suitable for massage treatments.

In fact, Harvard Health Publishing mentions a 2014 Annals of Family Medicine Annals piece which found that hour-long massage sessions two to three times each month were effective for relieving chronic pain more effectively than shorter, fewer, or no massage sessions.2

younger woman getting a massageStressed Out Individuals

Whenever you are feeling stressed, anxious, or otherwise uncomfortable and need a pick-me-up, an hour massage session can lower cortisol, which is the body’s primary stress hormone. Ultimately, this can result in higher serotonin levels. If you feel relieved after a session, you might make another appointment as your budget allows, certainly at least once each week.


If you’re wondering how many times a month you should get a massage, there are many answers. Listen to your body, consult your masseuse, and start paying attention to any changes in your body and mind. As you get into a massage routine that works for you, you’ll notice increased physical and emotional improvements.

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