No Time to Travel?

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People often list the reasons for why they can’t travel—yes, you’re busy, it costs money, and you must plan. However, it’s important to remember the reasons you should travel.

Travel takes you out of your normal routine, exposing you to new places, good people, and beautiful sights. Additionally, travel reminds you that there are many ways to approach life while offering a refreshing, invigorating, an exciting experience. Highlighted below are some important tips to help you pencil this much-needed travel time into your schedule.1,2

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Explore Your Motivation to Travel

Why do you want to travel? Your reasons are the most important to you. Don’t travel because your friend does or to post great photos on social media. Travel, like all things in life, is to help you become who you are meant to be.

Perhaps you’ll travel to have leisure time on the beach to write poetry. Alternatively, your travel mission might be to escape into nature and breathe the fresh air of the forest. Some travel to help others by volunteering. Figure out what reason to travel really resonates with you, and you’ll likely find that your motivation to travel grows exponentially.

Budget for Travel

For many people, it’s the cost of travel that keeps them stuck at home. However, not all travel is costly, and like all things that are important to you, you have to budget for travel. You may think that putting $10 a week into a travel budget is pointless, but that’s $520 at the end of a year that you could spend on travel and all you gave up was maybe two lattes a week.

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Travel When You Have Time

You may only have two weeks a year plus holidays and weekends to work with for planning your vacations. However, look at your non-working days from this perspective: two weeks vacation plus weekends plus holidays equals a minimum of 118 days off per year. That means that you are off of work for almost one-third of your year. So, there’s a time in there to travel—you just have to use it.

Day and Weekend Trips

Sure, taking two weeks off is delightful, but why wait for that one respite per year? Taking a weekend or even a day to experience something new is so refreshing. Try googling “fun things to do” in your city or town and take a look at nearby options. Take these short trips to keep you fresh and inspired.

Holidays and School Breaks

You may think that traveling on holidays or school breaks will be too crowded. Perhaps you’re right if you go with the crowd. However, what if you decided to go explore up north, while the crowds head south to the beach? Could it be fun to spend spring break helping rebuild a community broken by a natural disaster? If you live in the big city, maybe a trip to a ranch out west might be the breath of fresh air you need.

Extend Business Trips

Traveling for business can be a grind. However, a great way to add freshness and fun to business travel is to add at least a day to the beginning or end of the trip for fun. Exploring what appeals to you in any city your work takes you can also help you look forward to business travel in a new way.

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Final Thoughts

It is possible to travel, even if you’re just taking the bus to a new town to explore for the day. Don’t let budget or time stop you from exploring the world. Learn more about and embrace the options available to you. Your horizons can be expanded and your heart can be filled by getting out and seeing this amazing world around you—have fun!

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