Pumpkin Spice Treats to Try This Fall

pumpkin spice

In recent years, pumpkin spice has quickly become one of the most popular fall flavors. From lattes to scented candles, this mix of spices creates a delicious blend that many enjoy as the months grow colder.

Enjoying pumpkin spice has almost become an autumn necessity, prompting pumpkin spice lovers to find new ways of incorporating the spice into everyday treats. For the Halloween season, the spice adds a special twist to favorite foods that children and adults alike will love. Below, we have listed three delicious recipes to help you add a little extra spice to life. 

pumpkin spiceWaffles

While this is not a Halloween themed treat, adding a little pumpkin spice to waffle batter can spruce up a traditional breakfast food. 

Whether you enjoy them on-the-go or at breakfast with family and friends, these waffles are sure to be a hit. Top them with syrup and a dollop of whipped cream to make them extra tasty. Or, add some Halloween-themed toppings to create a fun, themed breakfast food. Check out this great recipe to make them at home!  

Granolapumpkin spice

This pumpkin-spiced snack is great if you’re staying in on Halloween night or for munching on in your car on the way to work. It’s simple and will help get you in the mood for Halloween and the rest of the fall.

Not only is this granola a great snack, but it’s also great for autumn breakfasts. Pour it into a bowl and add milk and fruits for a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Try this pumpkin spice granola recipe to discover a new favorite autumn treat. 

pumpkin spiceMuffins

Don’t let the commonality of these muffins fool you into thinking that they’re less tasty than other pumpkin spice treats. There’s a reason why so many people reach for them in the fall.

Not only are these muffins a tasty and easy way to enjoy pumpkin spice, but it’s also a food that is recognizable enough that even those who are skeptical of the spice are more inclined to give it a try.

These can be made with more or less spice, depending on preference. Because of their sturdy shape, they’re also easy to top with icing and other edible decorations. Follow this recipe to create a batch of your own delicious pumpkin spice muffins.

Final Thoughts

Fall is a great time to experiment with pumpkin spice and to find what works well with the spice and what doesn’t. With the three recipes above, feel free to follow them to a tee or to create your own versions of the treats. You know what you like best, so allow yourself the freedom to create something that’s your own. Halloween is a time of expression—don’t let it stop with your costume.

And while you’re enjoying these holiday treats, pair them with MONQ’s Pumpkin Spice blend, available as an Original diffuser, MONQ R Blend Pod, and Bottled Blend.

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By Caroline Bodnya

Caroline is a student studying Neuroscience who loves learning more about how plant compounds and essential oils interact with the brain and body. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and working out.

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