9 Essential Tips for Men’s Fitness

9 Essential Tips for Men’s Fitness

Extensive research and scientific studies support the premise that physical fitness is a keystone component of good health and well-being. This applies to everyone equally regardless of age, gender, physical capacity, or relationship status. It’s really not hard to make a good case for maintaining fitness levels.

But before getting all fired up and right into the action, it is essential to consider that everyone is not the same. While exercise programs can provide a good outline for effective practice, the effects and experience can vary greatly.

guy throwing FOCUS MONQ R in airTo maximize your efficacy as a fitness enthusiast, you will need to tailor your plan to your own specifications. Stay productive with the all natural and refreshing MONQ FOCUS diffuser.

With this in mind, the following 10 tips can help you enhance the value of your physical expense, avoid discouraging deficits and come out with the greatest returns for men’s fitness.  

Choose a Favorable Time to Workout

Hit the markets when you’ll get the most bang for your buck. In other words, pick an exercise schedule that provides you with the most energy during your routine for a flying start. Some people prefer the beginning of the day and others at the end. Choosing an hour that works for you will allow you to set a strong foundation of continuous practice –– remember, your energy levels at these times will increase progressively.

man tracking his fitness on his phoneTrack your Progress

There are many great fitness apps that track progress, but these should be a support to a much larger plan to monitor your progress. Keeping a fitness journal detailing your progress along with the records of diet, daily schedules, personal feelings, and other particulars provides two key elements.

One, a frame of reference by which to perfect future efforts, and two, a key motivational element that can keep you on course when outcomes seem dubious.

Consider Your Specific Needs and Goals

Are you looking to lose weight, support an active mind, and/or build a stronger physique? There are so many objectives to choose from and specific strategies to attain each one. Taking the time to think about what you are trying to accomplish can help you choose your diet, routines, supplements, and possible equipment you will need for a solid start. This should be page one of that fitness journal and carefully updated at every stage of your progress.  

Keep Things Fresh

Avoid the tendency to become stuck in a single routine. The body responds better when approached from all directions. If you were to practice weight-training, tennis, Hatha Yoga, Primal Movement and jazz dancing in different days of exercising, you’d address your mobility, rhythm, coordination, joints and muscles systems from every possible angle. Even better, you could specifically align the exercises to your individual goals to be more efficacious.

Remove Expectations

Avoid beginning your journey to fitness with perceived outcomes and prejudiced notions of what your results should look like. These will cloud your mind from the true progress you are making. By taking an intuitive route, you will get a feel for the subtle indicators of your personal progress. It is easy to get lost on the path of fitness, but knowing what to expect from yourself provides clarity and direction for greater progress.  

man eating healthy at homeEat Well

The food choices you make to bring you closer to your health goals should be selected more judiciously than the 10 Commandments were. Considering that food can either improve your health or drain you thereof, good food choices are at the heart of a healthy fitness plan. “But I have supplements” you may think. Supplements are good but they can’t replace a diet plan. You need to get all the nutrients from raw, unprocessed, whole-grain, food sources. Yeah, it’s complex.

Get Sufficient Rest

Resting and sleeping are as important to your exercise regime as the efforts invested. The important benefits of proper rest is vital to the increased demands you hope to make of your body. If you were to begin increasing the output of your body without maintaining healthy and regular rest habits, your performance in other areas may suffer.  

guy drinking waterStay Hydrated

The body requires plenty of water to maintain optimal function. If you are exercising and perspiring heavily all that water needs to be recouped. Experts recommend 8 glasses of water each day, in addition to tea, coffee, and other beverages. But if you feel lightheaded or experience head rushes, you could be mildly dehydrated and need to increase this amount.

Speak to the Experts

There are plenty of resources and expert advice to be found online while mapping out your fitness plan. But you can also go straight to the experts in nutrition, physical fitness, and health to learn so much more about your personal conditions and needs. While this is an extra expense if it is done right, the great value that can be obtained from counseling with your regular health provider is worth it. If you are suffering from any physical conditions this is imperative to improving health and not inflicting more damage.

Final Notes on Men’s Fitness

Your plans for greater fitness will fall flat if they are based on harsh demands, desperate goals, severe timeframes, cruel routines, and diets of tasteless food. It is essential to build your plan for fitness as a lifestyle you hope to maintain and adjust to serve your health in the long run.

As such, make sure you find activities you love to engage in or that add specific value to your life.  Once you have created the fitness habit based on your personal needs, the benefits will extend far beyond mere physical capacity to mental and emotional balance and even greater accomplishments in professional and personal goals.

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