Top MONQ Blends to Help with Black Friday Stress

Top monq blends to help with black friday stress

The holiday season is one filled with time spent with family and the enjoying of great feasts prepared from old family recipes. Thanks are given and presents are bought as the time for giving and receiving draws near. One of the most popular shopping days of the year, Black Friday, is seen by many as the perfect time to begin their holiday shopping for friends and loved ones. For some, however, this day of deals holds more of a sense of anxiety, rather than one of relief at getting holiday shopping out of the way. For those who find themselves unable to avoid the stress of the upcoming holiday shopping, here are the top three MONQ blends to help ease the overwhelming nature of Black Friday.

zen diffuser


There are moments during everyday, run-of-the-mill shopping that can feel overwhelming for some. On Black Friday, that feeling of uncertainty of being in such a crowded and unfamiliar setting may be more than some feel they can handle. This is when essential oil blends, namely those crafted to boost mood, come in handy. Zen is one of MONQ’s best blends for relieving feelings of uncertainty. Feel peace and presence with this classic MONQ blend. Zen works because of the calming combination of frankincense, sweet orange, and ylang-ylang. These three primary oils work together to ease the stress of everyday situations. Whether you have been roped into shopping with family or friends or will be working at a location offering special Black Friday deals, Zen is perfect for taking the edge off of nervous feelings and negative emotions.

happy diffuser


Along with the stress of shopping for the perfect present for someone else or a great deal for yourself, Black Friday can turn an otherwise lovely day into one overshadowed by negative feelings and emotions. Happy is the perfect blend to help counteract those emotions. Combining the scents of fennel, thyme, and vanilla, Happy allows for a blend that not only balances emotions and stabilizes thoughts but one that is able to greatly boost the mood of the user. It is the perfect blend to reach for when Black Friday begins affecting your mood and your interactions with those around you. Don’t let the temporary negativity associated with the hectic nature of holiday shopping get you down. Breathe in a little Happy and focus on the positive aspects of the season.

relieve monq


While many people enjoy the hectic nature of Black Friday shopping, it can be said that is not exactly a relaxing experience. Many individuals may find themselves tensing up amongst the crowds and in need of something to help them out as they continue on their journey from store to store. Relieve is the perfect blend for easing the aches and pains brought on by standing in long lines and maneuvering through crowded spaces. Ginger, Helichrysum, and spikenard work together within Relieve to create a soothing blend of essential oils that works well for the weary Black Friday shopper.

For some, Black Friday can be considered to be one of the most hectic shopping days of the year. The pressure to find the right presents for family or friends can often feel overwhelming. However, with the right MONQ blend, the tension surrounding the holiday might begin to lessen. Be sure to check out these blends as they are released in a rechargeable form as in MONQ R, MONQ’s first rechargeable, portable diffuser. As MONQ R is fairly new, be sure to check the store for more healthful and helpful blends for every time of the year!

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By Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson is a reader, a writer, and an avid subscriber of television streaming services. She is passionate about aromatherapy and organic health, and is forever on the hunt for a gluten free ice cream sandwich.

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