5 MONQ Blends for Celebrating Mardi Gras

5 Monq blends for celebrating Mardi Gras -min

Mardi Gras has arrived and with it will be a lot of parties, get-togethers, and fun. There are many great essential oils to choose from for the big event, however, some will offer more benefits than others. Here are a few to get you started on your enjoying the big event, winding down, and recovery. If you have to be at work the next day, we’ve also included a blend to help you stay focused on your job while you’re still in recovery mode.  

Mardi Gras Blends


To prepare your mind, body, and soul for the big parties, you’ll want something that is both invigorating and energizing. Our Happy blend will do just that. You’ll feel the joy and kindness as you inhale the blend of Happy. Made from fennel, which offers a soothing sensation that will quiet an upset tummy (for those who are nervous about being in a crowd at the party). The blend also contains thyme, which stimulates the body, improves circulation, boosts concentration, calm the nerves, and help to reduce irritability.1

Our Happy blend also has undertones of lavender, marjoram, petitgrain, caraway, mandarin green, clary sage, and parsley seed.


After full plates on Fat Tuesday, you may be worrying about how to work it all off. This is where the Active blend comes in. It offers a myriad of benefits to help you gain the energy and motivation to get moving on your workout.

Active is a unique blend of black pepper, sage, and bitter orange, which can help as an aid in weight loss and sports performance.2 With motivation and the help of the Active blend, you’ll recover more quickly and help burn off the extra calories that went into celebrating Mardi Gras.


After all that fun and excitement, you may just need to find a way to ease your mind, body, and soul. You may be tired from so much fun. You may have some sore muscles from dancing and enjoying the party. Regardless, you’ll benefit from Relieve blend which uses a blend of ginger, helichrysum, and spikenard to ease those aches and pains. These ingredients each have anti-inflammatory and restorative effects that help with pain relief.3  As you breathe in the Relieve, you’ll feel renewed and rejuvenated.

Relieve also includes undertones of black pepper, bergamot, frankincense, copaiba, jasmine, geranium, nerolina, lavender, roman chamomile, and ravensara.


Of course, after all that party food, alcohol, and activity, you may find that not only your body is wound up, but your mind as well. This is where Zen can help. This essential oil blend offers benefits that will help to ease your overactive mind and put your mind in a state of peace and relaxation. Zen blend offers up a myriad of benefits including orange, ylang-ylang, and frankincense essential oils, which work well together to ease your mind.4

Zen also includes undertones of clary sage, black pepper, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, dill seed, spearmint, sage, and tea tree.


Unfortunately, all that fun eventually comes to an end. Many will have to return to work or class the next day and may not really feel up to it. The solution? FOCUS— the world’s first nootropic essential oil blend. It’s packed with oils such as bergamot which will help you relax and de-stress.5 The peppermint will help It will increase your concentration and boost your confidence when you’re having trouble bouncing back after the party.6 With just a few breaths from the personal diffuser at your desk, you’ll feel an enhancement of clarity, productivity, and vision.

FOCUS includes other essential oils such as black pepper, bergamot, cardamom, caraway, cinnamon bark, clary sage, cinnamon leaf, frankincense, coffee, ginger, nutmeg, lemon eucalyptus, spearmint, and rosemary.

Final Thoughts

Carnival and its most popular day, Mardi Gras, is a celebration that’s practiced across the globe. There are traditional ways to recognize the holiday, but enjoying an essential blend is an excellent addition to all the activities you’ll be doing. Breathe the benefits of aromatherapy and get through the day after Mardi Gras and you’ll have happy memories of your night.

Photo credits: @JessicaSteddom, @carson.breen


By Brooke Guarienti

Brooke is an aromatherapy enthusiast who’s favorite use of essential oils is through a portable diffuser created by MONQ. In her spare time, you can find her enjoying nature whether it be on a hike in the woods or relaxing on the lake.

Favorite MONQ blend: Relieve

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The above information relates to studies of specific individual essential oil ingredients, some of which are used in the essential oil blends for various MONQ diffusers. Please note, however, that while individual ingredients may have been shown to exhibit certain independent effects when used alone, the specific blends of ingredients contained in MONQ diffusers have not been tested. No specific claims are being made that use of any MONQ diffusers will lead to any of the effects discussed above.  Additionally, please note that MONQ diffusers have not been reviewed or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. MONQ diffusers are not intended to be used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, prevention, or treatment of any disease or medical condition. If you have a health condition or concern, please consult a physician or your alternative health care provider prior to using MONQ diffusers.

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