What Are the Most Fragrant Herbs Used in Aromatherapy?

A Brief Guide to the Most Fragrant Herbs

There’s something about the scent of a fresh sprig of mint or lavender. The fragrance of herbs can have a significant effect on our emotional wellbeing. The uplifting, fresh scent of mint can help improve focus, while the soothing scent of lavender can help alleviate stress and promote a good night of sleep.

Planting an herb garden of the most fragrant herbs will give you an uplifting experience every time you walk near it. Not only do these herbs smell nice, but they all also offer a wider variety of therapeutic benefits. Whether you choose to drink them as a tea, add them to a smoothie, or diffuse their essential oils throughout your home, herbs are an easy, healthy way to boost overall wellness.

Some of the most fragrant herbs are mint, lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, and basil. Whether you’re looking for an herb to boost energy, ease anxiety, relieve pain, or maintain healthy circulation, each of these common herbs brings something to the table.

mint leaves


There are many different varieties of mint. Peppermint, spearmint, catmint, even chocolate, and pineapple mint. Peppermint and spearmint are the most popular types and are often the types of mint you find in herbal tea blends.

Spearmint can be consumed in the form of a tea, and its leaves are a delightful addition to fresh salads. You can also add a few fresh leaves to a glass of water or iced tea. When drunk as an herbal tea, spearmint can help ease nausea and reduce symptoms of respiratory illnesses.

Spearmint essential oil is highly versatile and can be used to speed the healing of wounds, aid the digestive system, ease respiratory symptoms, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, promote healthy circulation, and stimulate the mind. It can also be gently rubbed onto the temples to reduce the pain of headaches.

Try diffusing spearmint essential oil throughout your home, drinking a warm mug of mint tea, or using a personal diffuser like Vibrant MONQ.

lavender bundle on wood


Lavender is easily one of the most identifiable herbs, and its calming properties make it one of the most popular. Lavender is often found in herbal tea blends that are meant to promote sleep and relaxation, while lavender essential oil is known for its calming properties. Even smelling a fresh sprig of lavender can promote relaxation.

Lavender essential oil is good for more than just promoting relaxation. This essential oil can also improve cognitive function, ease symptoms of cold and flu, keep skin looking young and healthy, and fight off toxins in the body.

Try drinking a warm mug of chamomile and lavender tea before bedtime, diffuse lavender essential oil throughout your room with a room diffuser, or use it in a personal diffuser like Sleepy MONQ.



Rosemary has a strong, distinct scent and is a wonderful addition to roasts and infused oils. Rosemary is known for its ability to enhance memory, improve digestion, boost mood, and fight off bacterial infections.

Rosemary essential oil can be used to remedy indigestion, alleviate stress, ease headaches and muscle pain, boost the immune system, and support respiratory health.

Mix a few drops of rosemary essential oil with a carrier oil and gently massage onto sore muscles or diffuse throughout your home to boost your mood and support your health. You can also take rosemary with you on-the-go with Zen MONQ.

lemon balm

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm has a bright, soothing scent, so it’s no surprise that in aromatherapy lemon balm is often used to soothe feelings of stress and anxiety. A warm mug of lemon balm tea can help ease frazzled nerves and combat negative feelings.

Lemon balm essential oil is known for its ability to reduce inflammation, fight infections, improve sleep quality, promote skin health, ease headache pain, and boost mood. 

Try diffusing lemon balm essential oil throughout your home or gently rub it onto the temples to ease headache pain. If you’re having trouble sleeping, mix a few drops of lemon balm and lavender essential oils into a spray bottle filled with water and lightly spray on your pillowcase. You can also diffuse this blend throughout your room to promote feelings of peace. Lemon balm can be found in Forest MONQ.



Basil is one of the most widely-used herbs, with its fragrant leaves adding a fresh and delightful flavor to pesto, salad, pizza, and pasta. You can even add a few fresh leaves to a glass of water or iced tea or brew them into a soothing mug of herbal tea.

In aromatherapy, basil essential oil is used to stimulate the nervous system, alleviate stress and anxiety, soothe tense muscles, treat acne, reduce the pain of headaches, and protect against infections.

Diffusing basil essential oil throughout your home can help disinfect the air and give your home a fresh scent. Basil essential oil can also be found in Healthy MONQ. Simply breathe it in whenever you feel like you need a health boost.


Herbs offer a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Keeping fresh herbs around the home and adding them to your favorite recipes can help promote overall wellness, but their essential oil counterparts pack a powerful health punch when used in aromatherapy.

Whether you’re diffusing herbal essential oils throughout your home or breathing them in through a personal aromatherapy diffuser, you can benefit from their therapeutic properties with minimal effort.

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By Savannah Wilson

Savannah is an aromatherapy enthusiast who takes pride in knowing everything about essential oils, from ylang-ylang to chamomile. When taking a break from learning more about essential oils, Savannah likes to spend her time reading books or working out.

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