Self-Love and the Power of Positivity

A Brief Guide to Self-Love and Positivity

A strong foundation of self-love is the enduring foundation from which all your personal and social relations are established. This is because self-love establishes an excellent connection with the most important person in your life: you.

To love yourself and fully understand who you are as a person gives you the capacity to effectively care and love others who enter your life. Try leading a more positive lifestyle with MONQ’s Happy. Despite the simplicity of the notion, self-love is an especially elusive concept to grasp. It is fraught with misunderstandings, discoveries, awakenings, and ultimately the indescribable peace that comes from acceptance.  

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Why is Self-Love So Difficult?

Self-love can be easily confused with self-indulgence which tends to unsatisfying cycles of self-gratification. But this is not the love we are talking about here. True love for the self involves a deeper acceptance of yourself and an understanding of who you are and what you need to be the best version of yourself.

This is not always easy because looking inside and truly examining the self may involve reviewing some of the details that you don’t really like about yourself, much less love. But as you move beyond the confusion of perceived dualities –– the “good” and “bad” sides of yourself –– you begin to take on new perspectives.

Through this new perspective, it is easier to fully gauge with your inner values and personal boundaries and develop a new way of interfacing with your life. By better understanding yourself, you will be better at helping others understand you too and your understanding of them will greatly improve as well –– hence, deeper and more meaningful relations will be cultivated.

Coming to terms with our inner self is not always easy, especially when we spend so much time battling, bargaining, placating, and sometimes simply ignoring ourselves. Fortunately, there is a powerful tool that can be applied profusely to easing this process and contains a wealth of other values too: the power of positivity.

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How Positivity Promotes Self-Love

Taking a positive approach, laced with a good sense of humor, is the most auspicious path to top-quality self-love with all its benefits. Consider this when addressing the mistakes, shortcomings, and failures you see in yourself and you will find plenty of reasons to forgive, move on, and progress.

Choosing to take a positive perspective on yourself doesn’t mean ignoring the need for improvement. It means that you choose to approach the situations and improvements in the best possible light.

If you notice you have a bad habit of thinking negatively about yourself, you may notice that your outlook on the future and your capacity to meet it will be equally grim. On the other hand, if you entertain the notion that things aren’t as grim as they appear and there is an opportunity within every difficulty, you will be more likely to actually find it or recognize it when it presents itself.

Furthermore, cultivating a positive frame of mind brings with it many other benefits that will contribute toward greater self-esteem, self-confidence, and even better physical and mental health –– all of which are the gifts that only you can provide to yourself and tokens of your self-love.  

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Benefits of Positive Thinking

Extensive studies in the field of psychology and medical science have revealed a wide array of benefits that come from keeping a positive frame of mind and an optimistic outlook.

Longer Life Span

Positive thinking not only adds years to your life but makes for a healthy heart and reduced risks of cardiovascular disease.1

Improved Immunity

An optimistic outlook can increase your capacity to ward off diseases from cancers to the common cold.2  

Broader Outlook on Life

Studies have found that positive mindsets promote a broader set of opportunities and possible outcomes when making decisions. Negative mindsets are narrower and more effective at saving life and limb in a survival situation.3

Increased Productivity

Businesses everywhere wised up to the fact that positive work environments are more productive than oppressive labor and have benefitted from this.4  

Better Coping Skills

There is still some doubt as to why positive thinking is so beneficial to health. One commonly accepted reason is that positivity increases resilience to stress, fear, and emotional upheaval which are severely straining on the body and mind.5  

Positivity Promotes Healthy Living

Positive people are more likely to involve themselves in social activities, physical exercise, and avoid the health risks involved in overeating and substance abuse.6   

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Tips to Cultivate Positivity

Here are three helpful steps for cultivating your powers of positivity.

Recognize Negativity

The first thing to do is to begin recognizing when you fall into a negative state of mind and pull yourself out. This may seem hard if you tend to be negative most of the time, but go slow and take things one day, subject, or situation at a time.

Practice Reframing

There is sometimes no way to fight negativity, but you do have the awesome power to change the game by reframing the scenario. When negativity rears its moral-reducing head, take the time to recognize the thought for what it is, “I’m right! This traffic IS really bad” or “Oh dear! That was the second time I skipped the gym this week.” Fighting will not make things better, but you don’t have to leave the matter there. Follow that up with some positivity.

“But at least I am driving because hoofing it to work would be a real drag,” or “I did hit the gym three times and compared to where I was a year ago, I have plenty of reasons to be proud.”

Think About the Good

Take a moment out of your day to review the things that you really liked about yourself or what you did that moved you closer to your goals. Count them out. Make it a habit to take account of your progress and feel good about the distance you’ve made.

Final Notes on the Value of Positivity to Cultivating Self-Love

Setting your mind on a positive track is just like any other habit: a bit tricky at the beginning but in time it will become second nature. Staying positive is so important for everyday living. Making these simple changes will result in drastic differences in how you think, feel, and act.

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