The Pillars of Overall Wellness

A Brief Guide To The Pilliars Of Overall Wellness

One vital element in overall health is the wellness of the individual.  While wellness is not considered to be the complete basis of your health, it is important to be well-rounded when it comes to the many aspects of well-being.  The main definition of wellness is subjective with each person, meaning the elements of wellness for one person could be different for the next. Let’s take a closer look into some of the fundamental aspects of wellness, along with some quick tips to boost yours.

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What is Wellness?

Wellness can best be described in what are called the eight pillars of wellness.1  Listed below is a description of the eight pillars of wellness that can bring you into a balanced lifestyle.


Emotions play a major role in your health and wellness.  In particular, your levels of stress can play a major role in the formation of atherosclerosis, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, as well as premature death.  Keeping your emotions at bay and within reasonable limits may help you to boost your overall health so that you can be at your best. Ways to cut back on stress and to boost your emotional wellness is to consider ways in which you can free your mind from everyday stressors.  Consider the use of relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, affirmations, and massages with aromatherapy as ways to boost your emotional wellness.

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This next pillar of wellness involves the environment in which you live.  The environment can play a role in your commute to work, how often you spend outdoors, your living situation, as well as the air and pollution in which you breathe.  The environment plays a role in promoting overall wellness by allowing more physical activity outdoors, but it could also play a damaging role as well. Consider making use of the environment to be more active, but consider doing so when the air quality is optimal or when the weather conditions are steady.


The financial aspect of your overall wellness is one that should not need a great deal of explanation.  While it is reasonable to want and expect financial wellness by making more money, it is even more important to your overall wellness to be able to have the means to pay for medical care, as well as services that help to boost your wellness.  Consider consulting with a financial advisor as a way to boost your financial wellness.

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This element of wellness is one that tends to be controversial when it comes to well-being.  The intellectual element of wellness includes boosting education as a way to promote higher learning.  With more learning and education, it is reasonable to expect that mental health should flourish.  Consider enrolling in more classes at a local college as a way to boost your skills for your career, increase your mental capacity, or as a way to bring you more joy in your life.  


The occupational pillar of wellness is one that has a few sides in your well-being.  For starters, a career or a job is a way in which you can nourish the financial element of wellness.  In addition, a career is a way to bring self-worth to your everyday life. With many adults, occupational wellness is vital for self-worth and it can be a way to boost your overall wellness.  Finding a career that pays well seems to be on the minds of every adult around, but finding a career path that brings joy, worth, and satisfaction is vital to your overall wellness. Consider searching for something you thoroughly enjoy as a way to boost your occupational wellness.

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One of the biggest elements of health and wellness is the physical aspect.2  Physical well-being involves ample activity, the physical health of your body, healthy nutrition, and sleeping.  Physical well-being plays a major role in the overall health of the individual in the sense that increasing physical activity plays a role in preventing heart disease, fighting certain cancers, avoiding diabetes, and alleviating some of the symptoms of arthritis.  In addition, physical activity and boosting physical well-being can help to boost mental health, self-worth, and even promote optimal health. Consider getting about 30 minutes of physical activity each day as a way to boost physical well-being.


One element that is gaining popularity in health and well-being is social wellness.  Social wellness is a way of belonging to a certain community, regardless of the size of the community.  In the media day and age, it is reasonable to expect that social wellness is at the hands of every individual who wants to be a part of a community.  

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The final piece to the wellness pillar is the spiritual element.  Similar to the social community, belonging to a faith or spiritual community can play a major role in the overall wellness of the individual.  Consider seeking a faith-based community as a way to boost your spiritual wellness.

Bringing it all Together

Promoting overall wellness in your life is something that can be within reason.  While there are eight pillars to overall wellness, each aspect affects another. Overall, finding ways to promote your well-being can be as simple as meditating regularly, exercising, regular massages, aromatherapy, taking vitamins, eating healthfully, and much more.  Find what brings you joy in a healthy way and use it to boost your wellness.

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