Wellness: Achieving an Ideal Lifestyle

A brief guide to Achieving an Ideal Lifestyle

Your health and wellness plan is probably one of the most important aspects of your everyday life. A health and wellness program is something that most adults want to work on at some point or another throughout life, as a way to have optimal happiness and health. While working on your wellness is something that can dramatically affect your health in a variety of ways, it should be known that working on it will take a little effort. With that said, the information ahead is designed to be a guide to help you live an ideal wellness lifestyle. For more information regarding what wellness can do for your health and longevity, consider this article here.1

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What is a Health and Wellness Lifestyle?

Before jumping into how to live a health and wellness lifestyle, it is first important to know what it entails. For starters, there are eight pillars or dimensions of wellness that should help to guide you through your journey. In short, the eight dimensions of wellness that you should pay particular attention to include emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual.2 These dimensions all play a role with each other, working together to help bring you to overall balance throughout your life. Now, to live a wellness lifestyle means to be nurturing each of these dimensions of wellness, so that you can be well-rounded and healthier. Listed below are some tips on how you can start incorporating a wellness lifestyle into your everyday life.

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Tips on Living a Wellness Lifestyle

Find your Purpose

Finding your purposes in life is not as easy as it sounds. For younger adults, finding purpose could take years to establish.  In addition, some older adults may struggle with finding a purpose, especially after retirement, which is why nurturing this area of your wellness should be of importance. Consider volunteering, getting a job that makes you happy, or helping those in need as ways to find your purpose. If these do not work, you can consider the direction of spiritual places such as religion and even social events to help guide your purpose. The point with this is that finding your purpose in life could help to nurture the spiritual element in your wellness lifestyle.

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Make Connections  

You may hear it a lot in the business world, but making connections is important. Throughout your life, you interact with many people and while only a fraction of these interactions is meaningful, it is important to create them. Making social connections can help to boost your overall social wellness, which plays a role in your emotional wellness dimension.3 These connections can vary for each individual, but they could involve finding a spouse, best friend, attending events with friends, and making new friends.  

Eat Healthier Foods 

If only saying you want to eat in a healthier way meant true results. The foods you eat are important for your health status, longevity, and your overall wellness. Studies have shown that eating healthy diets can help to improve overall health, but it may be more important for boosting confidence in being healthy, improved energy levels, as well as for weight management.4 Some ways to eat healthily include consuming food and alcohol in moderation, watching serving sizes, and eating whole fruits and vegetables as often as possible. In addition, many adults eat out during lunch hour when at work and while this is a great way to boost social wellness with your coworkers and colleagues, the food selection in many restaurants is not always the best. Consider taking your lunch whenever possible and eat out with friends and family on occasion for best results.

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Live in a Good Neighborhood

 Sometimes finding the home of your dreams can be a challenge and it seems that living in a good neighborhood is something that most adults desire. However, living in an optimal neighborhood may be the ticket to optimal wellness. Recent studies have shown that neighborhood environment has a direct association with overall health, especially in the setting of safety, stress, and hazards within the community.5 In addition, living in communities that promote greater physical activity, social events, and a sense of closeness may be the key to having great health and wellness.  

Have a Sound Physical Activity Plan  

One of the key elements to living a wellness lifestyle is to be physically active. While many adults choose to go to the gym and have a formal exercise program, being active does not always mean hitting the gym. Studies have shown that ample physical activity is important for preventing diseases, improving the overall quality of life, as well as increase your lifespan.6 Some fun ways to add physical activity into your life includes daily walks, occupational activity, the gym, window shopping, swimming with the family, and weekend hikes to your favorite nearby destinations.


Nurture your Intellectual Wellness  

Your intellectual wellness extends far beyond being smart, knowing facts, or even being a genius. Having a good intellectual wellness means challenging the mind in various ways to prevent mental health and cognitive decline. For this reason, it is important to give your brain a challenge on a regular basis, so that you can be mentally well. Studies have shown that working on computers, performing crossword puzzles, crafts, as well as taking college education courses can help to protect your cognitive decline over the years,7 suggesting that the more you work your mind the more protection you have against cognitive disability in life.

Wrapping up your Health and Wellness Lifestyle

The information above is designed to steer you towards a better lifestyle so that you can meet the many pillars of optimal wellness. While the tips can help you towards a better lifestyle, sometimes the optimal lifestyle is one that works for you. Consider exploring your options so that you can meet as many wellness pillars as possible.

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