Careers in Scientific Forestry

A brief guide to careers in scientific forestry

Those with a deep love for the woods can find a variety of career opportunities that include hands-on work in the deep woods or theoretical work to solve problems faced by forests today.

The value of a forest today is high, and there are many career opportunities involved with keeping forests safe. Students looking for careers in scientific forestry can choose a job that suits their personal interests, capacity, and skill set.

Some forestry jobs involve a lot of time outdoors; this includes surveying land, monitoring forest growth, regulating commercial interests, and preventing and controlling forest fires. Other jobs could involve more office work, such as monitoring forest growth and conditions via satellite photography or addressing the legal aspects of conservation-focused legislation and ensuring the future of forests nationally and internationally.1


Studying Scientific Forestry

Forestry is a career with a long history and involves protecting the forests while maximizing their benefits for humans. The challenges and pressures placed on forests today are greater than ever. Forest health is under extreme strain due to climate change, and growing human populations are placing greater demands on forest resources. Therefore, he career of a forester has evolved to meet these challenges.  

Students interested in a career in scientific forestry can expect to see some overlap in the careers available. Some of the popular majors for students interested in forestry are environmental engineering, environmental science, and policy and forest resource management.2

A fairly new specialization is carbon management and applies the carbon-sequestering capacity of trees and forests to reduce carbon in the atmosphere and global warming. Urban forestry seeks to improve life in the city through the introduction of trees and parks to the city scene.

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Pros and Cons of a Scientific Forestry Career

Spending your days walking through fragrant forests may sound like the dream job for anyone, but there is more to the job than just that. Taking into consideration the pros and cons of a forestry career can help you enjoy the most ideal career experience.


Work Outdoors

Healthy forest air has been found to relax the mind and improve overall health. The large amounts of outdoor work in beautiful environments is one of the greatest things about forest work. Plus, if you love wild animals, you’ll get to see them daily.3

Satisfying Work

There’s nothing like going home knowing your work is important and makes a difference to the health of the forest and the world. Propagation, protection, and remediation work is done today will benefit the forests in the future more than we can ever know.

Cutting Edge Technology

There is plenty of technical support and technological application empowering the modern forestry industry. Scientific forestry sits at the cusp of this field and applies skills and methodologies unheard-of in other professions.


Unpleasant or Dangerous Work Environments

Sure, ambling through the forest on a warm summer day is nice enough, but sloshing along that same route in the winter snow or heavy rain is something else altogether. Inclement weather conditions can make navigation difficult and make the forester’s life tedious in other ways. Then there are falling rocks and tree limbs, chainsaw-wielding coworkers, wildfires, bugs, and bears.  

Mentally and Physically Tiring

The work of the forester never done. It takes a lot of stamina and endurance to press on and immense wisdom to know when to quit and resume the next day. Be sure to bring your wits, discernment, and problem-solving skills to this line of work.  



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Rachel Donovan

By Rachel Donovan

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