Tips for Dealing with a Soy Allergy

A Brief Guide to Dealing with a Soy Allergy

A soy allergy is something that is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, it is currently within the top ten in most common food allergens in the USA. However, it is important to differentiate a soy allergy with soy intolerance. Soy intolerance is when your digestive system has trouble digesting soy. Therefore, the symptoms are typically somewhat minor in comparison. Whereas, those that suffer from an actual soy allergy feature much stronger symptoms because the body and immune system essentially treat it as a threat. Therefore, it forces the immune system into a state of alert in order to defend the body from foreign intruders. Below, we will be going over some symptoms of soy allergies and how to effectively prevent the symptoms with natural relief options.

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Symptoms Of Soy Allergies:

Skin Inflammation

Typically, one of the first symptoms of a soy allergy is much-like other food allergies that you would experience. It can result in a rash and/or hives which will be noticeable to the naked eye. This is typically at the onset of the allergic reaction.


Nausea is another very common symptom that you will experience when dealing with the aftermath of ingesting soy with a soy allergy. It is going to make your body very sick because it will treat it as a foreign substance that has to be removed. Because your body treats soy as a foreign intruder, it can cause you to need to vomit due to being one of your body’s defense mechanisms.

Respiratory Problems

One of the more severe symptoms that can present itself if you truly suffer from a soy allergy would be respiratory problems. While this can happen to anyone, you will be particularly susceptible if you already suffer from respiratory issues, to begin with. During your allergic reaction, you might enter a state of anaphylaxis which can be a life-threatening reaction to being exposed to something that you are allergic to. Ultimately, it can cause a disturbance in your ability to breath and it can significantly and suddenly drop your blood pressure which can send your body into a physical state of shock. To effectively counteract this, adrenaline needs to be administered right when the symptoms occur.

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Natural Relief Options For Soy Allergies:

Always Read Labels and Avoid Soy Altogether

If you suffer from more than soy intolerance, you need to be extra diligent with what you consume. A soy allergy can be severe and it can be difficult to avoid because a lot of different foods and beverages not only contain soy, but they might be exposed to soy ingredients throughout the manufacturing process. Therefore, you want to not only read the ingredient label but also look to see if the product was manufactured in a place that also manufactures soy. Soy must be listed on the label if it’s in the food. You should also become familiar with the foods that commonly contain soy and foods that might be labeled as something else but typically contain soy ingredients like MSG, Glycine max, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and more.

Ask Your Doctor

You should be asking your doctor the foods that you will want to completely avoid and some of the foods and ingredients that you might be able to consume. For many, those that suffer from an allergy to soy can actually consume refined soy oil and soy lecithin because it has been refined. However, you want to ask your doctor to make sure. Typically, you will want to conduct allergy testing to be sure that you are capable of handling it.


If you do find yourself suffering from a mild soy allergy, aromatherapy is something that can help. The reason aromatherapy can be an effective way to minimize respiratory symptoms of an allergic reaction has to do with the fact that various essential oils can help to reduce inflammation and even break up the congestion that you might be experiencing. In fact, it has been proven that eucalyptus oil has the ability to not only reduce inflammation but also provide therapeutic benefits in those that suffer from inflammatory airway diseases including asthma.1,2 Another reason it can help is due to peppermint oil being shown to help relax the bronchial smooth muscles in your throat and to help increase ventilation which can make it much easier to breathe.3 For these reasons, MONQ’s Ocean R refillable personal diffuser is a great choice to help with allergies.

Dealing with something like an allergy to soy might be difficult, but it doesn’t have to completely take over your life. You can live a normal life with a soy allergy. You simply have to be more diligent in picking and choosing the foods that you eat. Along with this, you want to have safety measures in the event you do suffer from the symptoms associated with being exposed to the allergen. You should be discussing any and all treatments with your doctor.

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