How to Improve Your Eyesight Through Focus Techniques

Through Focus Techniques (1)

We depend on our eyesight for entertainment, getting around, and work. If we’re lucky, then we will have good vision without needing corrective lenses or surgery. Unfortunately, not all of us have perfect vision, and some people are born needing to wear glasses or find that as they get older their eyesight deteriorates, and glasses or contact lenses become necessary.

Working on a computer day in and day out can cause eye strain. Some people find that their eyesight worsens because of their job or lifestyle. While the old wives’ tales that say

“if you read under the covers at night you will go blind” aren’t strictly true, it is fair to say that your eyes have muscles in them and that you need to work the muscles properly to keep your vision healthy.

improve your eyesightTraining Your Eyesight

You can use eye exercises to improve your ability to focus. Opticians often prescribe exercises to correct conversion insufficiency (the inability of a person to keep an object in focus as it gets closer to them).Eye exercises can also be used to improve a person’s ability to recognize letters and shapes quickly, although experts are quick to emphasize that eye exercises won’t stop near or far-sightedness, and that if someone needs glasses, they should be wearing them.2,3

If your issue, however, is that you’re struggling to track fast-moving objects, or that you want to ‘focus better’ when playing a computer game, the good news is that you can train your eyes to focus on those things. You don’t need specialist equipment to do so, either. You can achieve a lot with just a pen.

Convergence Focusing

One of the most basic exercises involves holding a pen out in front of you and looking at it with both eyes while moving it closer to you, trying to keep the pen in focus until it touches your nose. If the pen ‘goes double’, then you should stop moving it, and try to force your eyes to focus on it. Resist the urge to blink, or close one eye, simply make your eye focus on the pen. It may take a lot of effort at first, but with practice, it will get easier.

Another exercise involves looking at an object a few meters away from you, then back at the pen, and so on, trying to rapidly get each object into focus each time. Again, this may take intense concentration at first, but as your eyes get used to a moving focal point it will get easier.

Do those exercises for a few minutes each day, and then allow your eyes to relax afterward, take a few minutes away from your desk, and avoid focusing on close objects during that time. This will reduce the risk of eye spasms, headaches, and pain.

improve your eyesightOther Cures for Eyesight Problems

There are some people that like to market supplements and essential oils as a cure-all, even going so far as to claim that aromatherapy can cure your eyesight. Sadly, those claims are overblown. While it’s true that researchers are finding some promising evidence that sterols can help with treating cataracts,4 that is not something which can be applied as a home remedy yet. Do not put essential oils into your eyes. In fact, don’t put anything into your eyes unless a doctor or optometrist has told you to do so! Your eyes are sensitive, and you could easily damage your eyesight if you allow anything ‘unknown’ to come into contact with the eyeball.

Lanosterol has been found to help to reverse the protein aggregation that causes cataracts,5 so it is a promising compound that could help a lot of older adults who are suffering from that condition.

A rich and varied diet and supplementation in some cases can help with your eyesight. There have been a growing number of cases of eyesight issues relating to Vitamin A deficiency in recent years.6 For the most part, vitamin A deficiency-related issues are reversible, but it is still a serious issue and one that should be addressed quickly. In many cases, supplements and essential oil treatments that promise to improve a person’s eyesight are simply rectifying deficiencies that would not occur if a person had a good diet.

If you are having problems with your eyesight, then it is important that you seek professional advice. Some vision issues may be a natural side effect of aging, but others can be a sign of an underlying health problem. Some conditions, such as glaucoma, are treatable if they are caught early, but will cause irreversible damage if left untreated.7 Regular check-ups will flag up any potential issues early on, and give you the best possible chance of keeping 20-20 vision.

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By Jesse Waddell

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