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We are very excited to announce the partnership between MONQ and Jiva Active, a Florida-based activewear line founded by sisters Nikki and Remi Aliseo. They started sewing yoga clothes themselves in 2013 because they found that the activewear available to them at the time did not meet a few critical needs:

  • Yoga clothes were all extremely expensive
  • Activewear held sweat – you would have to take the time to shower and change immediately after a workout session
  • Clothing did not protect you from the sun in an active, outdoor lifestyle

JIVA’s clothing addresses all these problems and more. All their activewear products have sweat-wicking and anti-microbial technologies integrated into their fabric, as well as UPF 40+ Sun Protection. In addition, the clothes are completely dry within 10 minutes after you finish a workout or leave the water!

The bonus is that all their products are also designed with fit needs and fashion trends in mind. The sisters design their own unique prints and all clothing is manufactured in Miami, Florida. They write,

JIVA Active is a blend of creativity, quality, and versatility in an activewear line for life in motion. Our activewear moves with you through your day, whatever that might encompass. What started as the two sisters sewing in their kitchen is now a creative adventure on a mission to live healthy & active while giving women the confidence to feel as good as they look. JIVA is for the doers and go-getters, the ones making their dreams a reality and creating positive & passion driven shifts in their communities. 

The aim of this line is to allow women to embrace their lifestyle with confidence and inspiration. You are already all doing amazing things, and JJiva wants complements these with amazing clothes.

This attitude pairs perfectly with our mantra at MONQ. Our personal aromatherapy diffusers allow you to enhance your daily life and experience it in a more fulfilling way. We’re thrilled to be partnering with these inspiring young businesswomen and can’t wait for you to see what’s to come!

Below is an introduction in which Nikki and Remi talk about the origin of Jiva Active:

You can find out more about Jiva on Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to sign up with your e-mail address to receive updates on what Jiva and MONQ are doing together!

Rachel Donovan

By Rachel Donovan

Rachel is a freelance writer who enjoys writing and researching interesting and new topics. As a California native, she can be found spending her time on the beach with a good book.

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