Rosalina Essential Oil— A Gentle Oil that Packs a Powerful Punch


A relative newcomer to the essential oil world, Rosalina is a superstar ready to be discovered. Rosalina is sometimes called Lavender Tea Tree as it has several similar benefits. Simultaneously relaxing, healing, and enticing, Rosalina makes a great addition to any collection.

Rosalina essential oil is derived from the leaves of a plant that has much in common with tea tree or eucalyptus. As such, the oil is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and mildly sedative to calm the body and mind. It offers a sweet yet mild smell that makes it an ideal complement to many other essential oils and oil blends.

Since this essential oil is not very well known, we’ve created this guide to introduce you to the advantages of Rosalina. Keep an eye out for this increasingly popular oil! More benefits are sure to come.

The History of Rosalina

Rosalina is native to southeastern Australia and was originally used by Aboriginal people in various medicines. Ancient communities also used the flowers of the plant to make herbal tea with a calming aroma.

The Rosalina plant became known for its oily potential in the 1950s. it offers the medicinal power of eucalyptus oil with the relaxing properties of lavender. The pleasant aroma of Rosalina, which is lightly floral, also makes it a common addition to lotions, soaps, and massage oils.  

The Chemical Makeup of Rosalina Essential Oil

Rosalina essential oil contains several chemicals that provide it with many benefits. Highly scented monoterpenes such as alpha-pinene and limonene give the oil it’s distinct, yet gentle, aroma. Oxides like cineole allow the oil to rid the body of harmful bacteria to treat infections. Finally, Rosalina has a high concentration of linalool which allows the oil to reduce congestion, soothe inflammation, and promote deep sleep.  

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Commons Uses for Rosalina Essential Oil

Rosalina essential oil has many uses but is most commonly used for three things: the health of the respiratory system, skin, and mind.  

Respiratory Problems

Essential oils have long been used medicinally. In fact, many oils including Rosalina are highly effective at treating the sinuses. Rosalina oil offers antimicrobial properties that both treat current infections and prevent future ones.

Rosalina acts as a gentle expectorant that is mild enough to use on children. The oil works to remove excess mucus that can cause infection while promoting healthy lung function and easy breathing. Further, Rosalina soothes inflamed sinuses to provide relief from painful pressure.

Try blending Rosalina oil with peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, or pine oil for an at-home cold treatment. Dilute all the oils in a carrier and apply directly to the chest to reduce congestion, or add to a diffuser to open the sinuses and cleanse the air.

Skin Care

Inflamed, red, or acne prone skin is irritating and can even diminish your confidence. With its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, Rosalina offers a great treatment for the complexion—even for sensitive skin.

Though it is mild, Rosalina essential oil is strong enough to treat serious skin conditions. The oil has been used as a medication for boils, tinea, and even herpes. It can be used on its own or added to other skin care products to give them a boost.

Use Rosalina daily on infected or bothersome areas to promote a healthy complexion. While some believe the oil can be used directly on the skin, it is best to dilute in a carrier oil or lotion to avoid any adverse reactions or further irritation.    


Chemically, Rosalina is fairly similar to lavender essential oil. A shared component of each oil, linalool, is known for its calming effects and soothing scent. With an aroma that is soft and fresh, with floral and earthy notes, it should come as no surprise that Rosalina has quickly become an aromatherapy favorite.

Aromatic uses of Rosalina are relatively recent.1 Although it is new, Rosalina offers benefits that should not be overlooked. The oil is mildly sedative and wonderful at lulling children to sleep. Rosalina can help melt away stress, reduce anxiety, and promote mental rest for people of all ages.

Add Rosalina to a diffuser before bed to create a calming environment perfect for sleep. The oil can also be added to a homemade candle, lotion, massage oil, or skincare products for full body relaxation.

Safety and Precautions

Rosalina is incredibly mild and considered safe for almost anyone.2 It can even be used around children with no foreseeable consequences. However, Rosalina oil should not be used without taking some precautions.

Before topical application, Rosalina should be diluted with a carrier oil. Additionally, a patch test should be performed on the insensitive skin to ensure no negative reactions occur. The oil should be used cautiously by those with allergies to similar oils such as eucalyptus or tea tree.

Essential oils should always be used as directed. Be sure to read any instructions that come with your product to reap the benefits without suffering any side effects.

Final Thoughts on Rosalina Essential Oil

This delicate oil packs a surprisingly powerful punch. It is a wonderful healer of the mind and body as it treats illnesses such as colds, respiratory infections, and skin irritations while creating a relaxing environment.

Rosalina essential oil is great on its own, but it can be combined with other oils to provide even more benefits. Create your own cold medicine with Rosalina and eucalyptus, or mix the oil with others known for improving skin health. Finally, try adding a few drops to an aromatherapy session with MONQ’s new zen in a bottle or sleepy in a bottle for a tranquil experience.


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Bre is a writer and essential oil enthusiast currently residing in Pennsylvania. She enjoys spending time outdoors hiking or drinking craft beer and tries to pet every dog she sees.

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