How To: Get Rid of Hiccups Quickly and Naturally

Get Rid of Hiccups Quickly and Naturally

Some people get hiccups only once in a while that doesn’t last long, but others suffer from this irritating and sometimes painful condition quite often. A case of hiccups that simply won’t go away is not only frustrating to the one experiencing the problem, but to family members and others in the immediate vicinity who may find the noise irritating.

hiccupThere is a range of causes for hiccups. One of the most common reasons is that air can be swallowed when an individual eats too quickly. Drinking alcoholic or carbonated beverages can also bring on a case of hiccups because this can put air in the stomach. Nervousness can also cause hiccups in some people. Just like the range of causes, there is a variety of supposed hiccup remedies. Holding your breath while taking a drink of water or a big surprising scare is perhaps the most popular methods.

However, Individuals who suffer from hiccups on a regular basis will be pleased to know there is a simple and safe cure that is effective immediately. As with a lot of health issues, nature offers the best answer. Peppermint essential oil has multiple health benefits, including hiccup relief, and it is readily available at a reasonable price.

Peppermint essential oil can cure hiccups when just one drop of it is placed on the roof of the mouth. The oil stimulates the vagus nerve and usually causes the individual with the hiccups to burp. When this happens, the sphincter muscle of the lower esophagus relaxes so the contractions can stop.

Though essential oils have become more popular recently because of the range of health benefits they provide, consumers should be aware that not all essential oils are of good quality. Since curing hiccups with peppermint essential oil involves putting the oil in the mouth, only certified therapeutic grade oil that is safe to ingest should be used. Other non-CPTG oils are only safe for aromatic use.

Individuals who regularly experience extended bouts of hiccups may want to prepare themselves for the next occurrence by acquiring a bottle of peppermint essential oil. This fragrant oil also has other health benefits including relief from indigestion, nausea, headaches, and toothaches. Overall, peppermint essential oil is a good thing to have on hand—for your hiccups and for your health.


By Aaron Williams

Aaron is an freelance writer and avid fan of anything having to do with essential oils. In his spare time he can be found taking care of his 2 cats and exploring the world of virtual reality.

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