Different Spiritual Crystals for Romance and Love

A Brief Guide to Crystals for Romance and Love

People have had a fascination with crystals and various gemstones dating back thousands of years.1 This is especially true as it relates to romance and love as they were used in imagery throughout the Middle Ages by both poets and authors. Crystals have their own unique vibrations and emit all kinds of different energies. Choosing the right crystals can really allow you to bring the right kind of energy into your life.

There are plenty of crystals that can be used for better romance. Crystals don’t inherently make you better at relationships or put you under any kind of spell, but they can correct the energies surrounding you to put you in better positions to enhance your romantic capabilities and open your heart to love through crystal healing. Highlighted in this article are the many crystals and stones that can be used to embrace love in a way that will enhance your romantic and love life.2

Top Spiritual Crystals for Romance and Love

Rose Quartz

This crystal is one of the best to include in your life if you are looking to make significant improvements to your relationships and allow yourself to fall in love. This crystal is one that everyone should include in their life if you are looking to open yourself up to a relationship and give yourself a chance to fall in love. In fact, it has actually been referred to as the “heart stone.”

The reason why rose quartz is considered a staple for those who want to improve their love life is due to its natural ability to open up your heart chakra, which can effectively allow you to open up yourself to falling in love and allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

Along with allowing you to accept love from others, it is actually a good stone for helping you love yourself first which is typically the first step towards opening yourself up to loving someone else. It can help those who are in the beginning stages of a relationship to those who are deeper in their relationships. Relationships can be complicated, and being able to navigate through the ups and downs of one can be a struggle. Using a rose quartz crystal can allow you to effectively navigate through the complexities that a relationship often presents and come out on top.


This is a stone that can be a great addition for fostering a healthy relationship. The reason why Garnet is such a good addition has to do with it helping boost self-confidence. Because it can help with self-confidence and allow an individual to feel powerful, it is a great stone to consider adding for a first date as it can help with attraction. By having elevated self-confidence, you will be able to make yourself more desirable, allowing yourself to attract another individual.


Jade is another good stone that you might want to include in your life if you want to strengthen an already established relationship. Jade is good for established relationships because it can help provide you with better luck. While it is not going to inherently make you lucky, it will help put you in better positions to enhance your luck.

Because you will have a stronger bond and better trust with the jade stone, it can bring your relationship luck by encouraging you to trust your partner, which happens to be an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship. Jade can set you on the right course because it will allow you to embrace the trust in one another and allow you to create positive energies which can weed out distrust and allow you to have faith in your relationship. Believing that your relationship will succeed is the first step towards realizing it.

Green Aventurine

This is another stone that can really help those who are looking to give their relationship a much better chance of success. Green is a color that aligns well with the heart chakra, and this particular stone does a great job of harnessing the energy from the heart chakra and allowing you to apply it to various aspects of your life.

This stone is typically referred to as a mature stone, which means that it is better for those who might be dealing with mature relationships in deeper stages. Therefore, those who are looking to provide better energy surrounding their long-term relationships or for those dealing with long-term relationship struggles, this would be an excellent stone to consider embracing because it can really help provide better fortune and luck to those in a committed relationship.


Ruby is another stone that can be readily used to boost your romance and love in multiple ways. It is great for those who are looking to attract new love and those that are ready to embrace a new relationship. Therefore, it can be a good stone if you have been through a breakup with an unsuitable partner or for someone who is looking to embrace love for the first time.

This is a good stone to embrace for those who are looking for new love because it can help boost attraction through empowerment and allowing you to embrace your sexual energy to the fullest extent. It can also make you more confident and promote positive energy that can attract others. The ruby stone does all of this not through the activation of the heart chakra, but through the activation of the base chakra which can increase vitality and chi. This can bring a sense of power and greater overall self-confidence to those that are using it.


This is another stone that could be effectively used in order to improve your ability to enter a relationship or continue a long-term relationship. This particular stone is a good option because it can help an individual embrace their inner self-confidence and it can even boost self-esteem and emit feelings of joy.

Therefore, it will allow an individual to be truly happy with their self, which will only improve a relationship. Without having happiness and without having high self-esteem, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy relationship.

Mangano Calcite

This stone is a good one for those who might be dealing with past relationship struggles which have led to distrust in others. It can be very difficult to recover from relationship struggles or relationships that have gone down the wrong path in the past.

Those who might feel as if they are unable to love again or to trust again would benefit greatly from including this stone in their lives. This stone is helpful in healing one’s heart and allowing one to learn how to love again, even after past love issues.

The stone encourages individuals to embrace self-love. It also opens up insight into what might have gone wrong in a previous relationship and shows what you should be looking for in a future relationship. Therefore, it can make you much more open to a new relationship and accepting of it, which can put you in a better position to be fully ready for it.


Amethyst is a good stone that can help bring peace and better understanding.

Along with this, it can bring healing and contentment. Therefore, it can help open one’s heart, which can allow an individual to embrace new opportunities and accept love. It is a good option for those who might have gone through trials in the past and that are at a stage in life where they are willing to give themselves to someone else.


As seen above, crystals have the potential to provide a wide range of benefits, especially where romance and love are involved. There are a lot of different crystals and stones that can be used to enhance your ability to fall in love, attract love, and help you through your relationship.

When combined with the natural benefits of aromatherapy for better romance and love, you can really enhance your openness and willingness to fall in love. A good pairing for this purpose would be rose quartz and the Love blend, which could really help open up your heart chakra and allow you to embrace love in a way that you couldn’t before. Along with this, you can boost your attraction by improving your positive energy and boosting your self-confidence with the Sexy blend, along with the power of the ruby stone.

By harnessing the energy these crystals and stones emit, you will be able to give yourself a much better chance to succeed with your relationship goals. Whether you are looking for a new relationship or you are looking to improve your existing relationship, you should be able to use some of these crystals and stones to get whatever you want out of them.

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