What Are Some Crystals for Good Luck and Protection?

crystals for good luck

Crystals have been used in various parts of the world throughout history for both added luck and protection. They come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors and are all believed to be living organisms.1 While the crystals themselves cannot reverse “fate” or the universe’s intention, that is not their purpose is anyway.

Instead, they are to be used to help enhance one’s luck and protection through removing the negative energies surrounding them and helping put you in situations where you would be open to new ideas, opportunities. and other elements that can help you create your own luck.

There are various crystals that can enhance luck and protection. Highlighted below are some of the crystals that offer these enhancements.

Crystals for Luck and Protection

person holding citrine crystal in handCitrine

This is a crystal that is bright is known as the merchant’s stone of wealth. Because of this, it is one of the crystals that you will want to use if you are looking for personal growth and success in your career or business.

topaz crystalTopaz

Another crystal that you might look to incorporate into your life if you want to attract more good fortune would be topaz. Topaz is known to be a good healing gemstone. It is also said that wearing this type of jewelry can help you attract more prosperity.

bundle of aventurine crystalsAventurine

This is a crystal that is sometimes referred to as the “stone of opportunity.” This particular crystal is one of the best that you can include in your life if you are looking to enhance your luck. Because of this, it can be a good crystal to use in situations where you need to get lucky or experience good fortune of some kind. Therefore, it could be a good one to keep around if you are rooting for your favorite sports team or even in situations where you might be gambling.

agate crystalAgate

This is a stone that an individual should carry if they are looking for strength and protection. It happens to be one of the oldest and most-used gemstones in history as ancient warriors actually used these stones for strength and protection in battle. Agates are certainly considered protection stones because of their ability to provide added luck and protection.

rose quartzRose Quartz

If you are primarily looking to have greater fortune in your relationships or with a specific relationship, nothing is better than rose quartz. Rose quartz is well-known to help open your heart chakra, which can help you better attract someone who you might be interested in or help your entire relationship.This is easily the best crystal that you can use for protecting a relationship you already have and/or for giving you the good fortune for starting a new one.

garnet crystalGarnet

This is another stone that can be seen as a by those who want to give themselves a better opportunity to achieve some sort of personal success. Whether it’s your career or business, having this stone will help by encouraging you to be open to new business relationships and by helping stimulate the desire for others to come to you and work with you. This is a good stone to keep around in your office if you are looking to give yourself more opportunities to further yourself in your career or if you are looking to attract new business.

amethyst crystalAmethyst

Amethyst is a popular crystal, and it offers a lot of benefits you might be looking for if you want to enhance your luck. This particular crystal works by helping open up your third eye and really allowing you to achieve spiritual enlightenment. This alone can help you see clearly what needs to be done. It also helps repel negative energies surrounding you. It can be used for boosting one’s luck in school, supporting health luck, and more.2


Overall, there are many crystals that you might consider incorporating into your life if you are looking for protection stones. A lot of crystals will offer you the confidence you might need to enhance your strength and protection.

Along with this, a lot of them might offer you the wisdom and guidance to open yourself up to new opportunities which can help bring you good fortune and luck. A lot of your luck is derived from your mindset and how willing and open you are to attempt to try things that you might otherwise avoid. Therefore, you can surround yourself with some of these crystals and stones in order to offer you the kind of enhancements and results that you are looking for.

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