A Note From Our Founder & CEO This Thanksgiving

Dr Fishman Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming into view, as it does this time every year, and many of us are reflecting on what we are thankful for, what we appreciate in our lives.

This year, Thanksgiving is a particularly happy time for me as I have so much to be thankful for!

One should always be thankful for family and friends – I am fortunate to have many friends and a loving family. We are currently planning my father’s 100th birthday, and he now exclaims that people should no longer offer him best wishes stating “may you live to be 100!”.

I myself am most thankful for my health. I appreciate what my body can do and I actively try to maintain and improve my health every day. I’m thankful that my efforts are paying off. We all know that eating well (okay – I still like ice cream!), sleeping well (it’s hard for me not to get out of bed at 5am to start work), and exercise are all very important in maintaining one’s health. And, I am thankful that I have the willpower to engage in each of them, at least in moderation.

Possibly most important in maintaining one’s health, however, is the avoidance of stress. That is not an easy task, particularly as an entrepreneur, and yet I work towards that end continuously. I am thankful that I recognize stress as a problem and continually work towards de-stressing as part of the solution.

My personal life aside, what I am most thankful for is the company I have founded.

Part of this is the opportunity to provide stress relieving products to hundreds of thousands of people. During the last year we have conclusively shown that the heated terpenes found in each of the 10 blends of MONQ diffusers provide relaxing and stress relieving properties to almost everyone who uses them. We have proven that Zen MONQ diffusers provide an increase in alpha and theta brain waves, almost inducing a zen-like meditative state. It is extraordinarily gratifying to wake up each day and know that so many people have been able to lower their stress levels because of a product that I had the opportunity to create.

The other part, and easily the most gratifying one, is you, MONQ’s customers and fans. I am thankful for the support that all of you have given us by becoming champions of MONQ’s brand. We couldn’t reach as many people as we do without your help. I wish each and every one of you a happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.


Eric Fishman, MD
CEO & Founder
Favorite MONQ Blend: Zen

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