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Happy diffuser Emma's MONQ story

Emma is a fairly new MONQ user who had written us a fantastic review on Facebook. I reached out to her and we had the opportunity to chat about her experience discovering and using MONQ.

Emma first saw ads for MONQ on Instagram before we became popular. She states, “I thought it was a really cool idea, then all of a sudden I was seeing it everywhere!”. When she originally saw the ads she thought MONQ diffusers might warrant a trial, but at the time it didn’t really stick. This all changed when her boyfriend ordered a 7-pack and let her try a few blends.  She remembers, “He said they really do work for him, so I finally decided to try MONQ. I got to see firsthand that it really did seem to make a difference. I liked it more than I thought I would!” She quickly decided this was something she would like to be able to take with her for when she is in a stressful situation or has a rough day at work.

Her first order from MONQ was a 4-pack with Happy, Sleepy, Ocean, and Zen. She tells me she keeps all four diffusers with her at all times. She says, “it’s comforting just to have them on me, because I know I’m not in danger”. Some people may call this a placebo effect, but anxiety, she explains, is about how you feel. Although certain treatments do make physical changes in your brain and body, “if something helps the way you feel, then the work is already done”.

Emma takes medication for OCD, and anxiety is the symptom of this that she most often has to manage. Her medication does help a lot, but she loves having MONQ diffusers available to use throughout the day because they’re not another medication. When I ask Emma when and how she uses her diffuser, she tells me it’s more situational for her. She says she gets tense very easily when she’s driving or in big crowds. This is not really something she can predict, and that’s where Zen and Happy come most in handy for her.

She also notes being able to breathe properly is very helpful when you’re going through feelings of panic or tension. MONQ has helped her learn to focus on her breathing. She admits, “When I started I was actually breathing wrong, but when I learned how to perform the breaths correctly [in through the mouth, out through the nose], I saw that the proper technique really does make a difference. You need to focus your breath carefully – instead of just a deep breath, it’s more of an intentional breath. There’s a trick to that kind of breathing but it’s not actually hard”. The breathing alone is very impactful, and the fact that you’re breathing in essential oils, she adds, is a bonus!

What most stands out to Emma about MONQ diffusers is that the blends actually feel like they are supposed to. She gives the vanilla in Happy as an example, and adds that it’s not a fake vanilla, “it’s a really nice, warm vanilla”. The ingredients in Ocean, she says, actually make you feel like you’re by the sea, and this makes her excited to try the Forest blend in the future. Emma notes, “It’s very interesting how accurate the blends are, and it’s a really nice touch. I’ve never seen essential oils blended in that way”.

I ask Emma if she shared MONQ with anyone else in her life. She tells me the people she works with are mostly her age and all take interest in aromatherapy and holistic remedies. Many of them have already heard of MONQ, she continues, and those who have tried the diffusers all love them.

Emma’s final comments in our conversation are about MONQ as a company. This is why she wrote her positive Facebook review in the first place, and she wants to point out that this is what she most often tells people about when MONQ comes up in conversation. She says “Ever since MONQ started getting popular there has been an overwhelming amount of questions. Your team answers them all, and the responses are very quick and well thought-out. There are some pages I follow that never respond to people’s questions and sometimes don’t even address serious problems, so your interaction with the customers is very impressive. You can see that there is a big team and that all the staff genuinely care”.

If you would like to share your MONQ story for a chance to be featured on our blog, please send it via email to [email protected]!

Stephanie Verheyen
Inbound Marketing Strategist, MONQ Blog Curator
B.A. in Psychology, Masters in Marketing
Favorite MONQ blend: Ocean


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