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MONQ Partners with Greenlane for Worldwide Distribution


Nashville, Tenn. (April 20, 2018) – In MONQ’s Mission to Bring World-Wide Wellness and Wisdom to everyone, we are excited to announce our new partnership with Greenlane, an industry leader in distribution services. MONQ is expanding its reach beyond the United States and Canada, and can now be found in over 30 countries worldwide. We anticipate being in over 5000 retail shops, within this year 2018, and will be expanding into locations close to you – for easy access to all of our aromatherapy products!

Our founder and CEO, Eric Fishman, MD, (aka Dr. MONQ) spent years performing individual operations as an Orthopedic Surgeon, helping one person at a time. In his goal to improve people’s lives, Dr. Fishman has transitioned to offering improved health and wellness to all, through his Personal Aromatherapy Products! These MONQ products are aimed at providing benefits to millions on a worldwide scale!

We offer our Personal Essential Oil Diffusers in seven Feel the Way You Want® blends, and three Feel Nature® blends. And, of course, new blends are being premiered with our most recent addition, Love MONQ, becoming a quick-selling favorite! Also watch for MONQ’s Newest product line, Essential Oils in a Bottle, for use in our special aromatherapy necklace. Now you can have more than one way to carry MONQ with you anywhere!

With the help of Greenlane, our new distribution partner, you can now find us in yoga studios, juice bars, boutiques, massage therapy clinics, chiropractors offices, head shops, smoke shops, and dispensaries. MONQ wanted to offer our products as a Healthy Lifestyle Alternative Product that would appeal to all types of users whether you do Yoga or have trouble touching your toes.

By MONQhaling, a technique in which to best enjoy your own Personal Essential Oil Diffuser, you can experience the immediate benefits of high quality, organic essential oils in a personal, portable device. Look for MONQ at your local favorite shop, choose your favorite blend, and start experiencing the healthy benefits today!

About MONQ

Founded by Eric Fishman, MD, MONQ® is changing the way the world thinks about aromatherapy…incorporating it into our daily lives, making it a lifestyle, making it personal, and clarifying why it is so effective. Dr. MONQ believes in creating products which people can use to improve their overall wellness and live a better life. MONQ, an innovator in the science of how aromatherapy alleviates stress, first defined what is called Terpene Deficiency Syndrome. This lack of breathing air containing secondary metabolites, such as terpenes, is one of the causes of stress in our daily lives. When you use an aromatherapy product, you are, in our opinion, replacing many of the natural compounds that your bodies are used to having in our environment. Using MONQ products can ultimately help to lower stress every day, any time of the year!

About Greenlane

Greenlane is the leading distributor of premium brands in the head shop, smoke shop, and dispensary channels. Since 2005, Greenlane has worked diligently to build a reputation as the industry leader by meeting the needs of our customers, suppliers, and the end-users of the products we distribute. They have achieved this by offering the most innovative products at competitive prices, providing white-glove customer service, and processing orders quickly with unparalleled, highly efficient operations and logistics. During this time, they have grown to over 100 employees with 5 distribution centers across the United States and Canada, and they continue to grow internationally by finding ways to better serve the needs of our customers and suppliers.


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