Important Considerations for CBD Vape Oils – Are They Safe?

Important Consideration for CBD Vape Oils

CBD has taken the modern medical world by storm with an illustrious array of benefits that improve physical and mental functionality. As the popularity of natural treatments grow, so do the various ways that health enthusiasts can obtain their daily dose of wellness.

When it comes to CBD-infused products, the options are plentiful: edibles, topicals, sublingual sprays, tinctures, puppy chow, and many others. Vaping CBD oils is another increasingly popular method of experiencing the health benefits of CBD.

When choosing from the many delivery systems available, it’s good to begin with some information on how CBD interacts with the body in each case.  

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Differences in CBD Bioavailability  

When CBD enters the body, you can’t expect the full content you ingest to be put to work. As a matter of fact, only a small percentage of the overall intake will be absorbed into the systemic circulation and provide effects. This percentage is called the bioavailability and it can vary greatly depending on how the CBD enters the body.

A CBD edible has a bioavailability of about 15 percent, which means that only 15 mg out of 100 mg of CBD introduced to the body will actually make it to the bloodstream where it can begin its unique mode of action.

The bioavailability of a given CBD product depends on a variety of factors. First, CBD is a hydrophobic substance, meaning that it does not dissolve or mix with water very well. This means it is quickly eliminated from the blood and absorbed by fatty tissues. This also reduces the amount of CBD that can be active in the blood at any given time and effectively reduces the bioavailability of ingesting CBD.

The metabolism is another important factor to consider. When a CBD edible is ingested, the organic compounds with all the health benefits must first pass through the liver before being introduced to the bloodstream. In the liver, enzymatic action quickly breaks down much of the CBD while fat cells work to absorb the remainder.1

Therefore, those looking to improve the bioavailability of their CBD intake should consider an alternative delivery system.

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Bioavailability of CBD Vape Oils

When it comes to improving the bioavailability of CBD in health products, scientists have come up with a variety of solutions. One of these is creating a more water-soluble, or hydrophilic, CBD product that can be mixed into juice or sprinkled on top of a salad.

Products like this exist, but they are the result of an especially high-tech process of extraction and chemical adjustments. This is not a cheap process, which is reflected in the high prices of these particular products.

Even still, CBD edibles of any type must face liver absorption and enzymatic breakdown. Therefore, a more cost-effective solution would be to change the delivery system altogether through a route more conducive to CBD bioavailability.

Vaporization allows the body to take maximum advantage of the CBD intake by bringing CBD bioavailability up a full 50 to 60 percent. When CBD is inhaled, it passes directly through the membranes of the lungs into the bloodstream where it can be held in higher quantities than other intake methods. Because this method also avoids the liver and its metabolic action, as much as 400 percent more CBD can be administered into the bloodstream.2

In the end, this means that much less CBD is required to intake the recommended dosage.

Are CBD Vape Oils Safe?

Vaping has been considered as much as 85 to 90 percent safer than cigarette smoking and was originally introduced for those looking to break smoking habits. Smokers looking to reduce the health risks involved with smoking can vape smaller doses of nicotine, for example. Even though vaping can be considered less than safe, understanding the health risks involved can help circumvent many of these risks and lead to overall healthy use of CBD.

The most important factor to consider is the levels of any unhealthy constituents in the CBD products you are using. For instance, nicotine, or similar molecules can still negatively affect lung health are what to look out for. Luckily, CBD vape products do not contain nicotine, eliminating one considerable health risk.

Another important consideration would be the source of raw materials. Some CBD products are only produced from the stalk and leaves of the cannabis plant for legal reasons. The problem with this method is that the cannabis plant works to purify the air through phytoremediation and toxins from the environment are stored primarily in the stalks of the plant.  

This makes the use of pesticides especially detrimental in the cultivation of all cannabis crops. The potential for toxic content is high and consumers should be cautious.3

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Choosing the Best CBD Vape Oils

Perhaps the best way to avoid the possible risks of CBD vaping would be by making sure the suppliers from which you purchase your product are high quality. The producers that go the extra mile in cultivating organic crops, using safe extraction methods, and ensuring that there are no toxic constituents in their vape oils may charge higher prices, but the results are worth it.

Of course, don’t just buy your CBD vape oil on its cost alone. Take time to investigate the safety profile of any products that interest you, and choose the ones that have the best positive feedback. CBD may be declared “safe for use” by the FDA, but there are still no regulatory boards to report to. For this reason, being cautious and doing your research will be your safest path to a premium product.


Today, CBD stands as an effective remedy for a wide range of conditions, but choosing the safest and most effective means of delivery is an important prerequisite to reaping these benefits. Most health risks involved can be circumvented through carefully reading product labels and only buying from reputable providers with a passion for excellence.

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By Maddy Jenner

Maddy is a researcher and an essential oil advocate and loves learning about the intersection of these categories. She loves hiking, camping, exploring and being outside.

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