Your Guide to Selecting the Best CBD Vape Juices

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Vaping is one of the most popular methods of CBD delivery for alternative health enthusiasts looking to address painful conditions, relieve mental strain, and generally improve health.

Vaping CBD oils or vape juice provides fast-acting effects that can soothe the nerves and ameliorate acute pain. It’s also a very relaxing habit. Regular vaping is a great way to build a healthy baseline of cannabinoids that bolster homeostasis and lower high blood pressure.

If you have been intrigued by the many benefits of CBD, vaping could be a suitable way to enjoy your CBD benefits. In the following article, we will take a closer look at some helpful pointers to lead to the best CBD vape juices for your needs.

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What is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD vape oils contain a concentrated amount of CBD, the healthy cannabinoid associated with better sleep, pain relief, resilience to stress and anxiety, and many more benefits. You should note that CBD vape juices are not psychoactive and will not pose any problems on drug screening tests.

This is because the THC content, the part that contains the psychoactive properties, is either lower than 0.03% or non-existent.1 This makes vaping CBD a good way to gain the health benefits and avoid mind-altering effects as well as restrictions in some states.

The CBD extracts from the cannabis plant will then be combined with a carrier oil that allows it to be consumed in a typical tank-style vaping unit. Sometimes CBD is combined with coconut (MCT) or other natural oils. But it can also be combined with your average vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), or a combination of both. These are FDA approved ingredients that will not cause any health conditions.

Nevertheless, there are some things to keep in mind that can improve the vaping experience in the long run.

Does CBD Vape Juice Separate Over Time?

One of the biggest problems with vape juices is getting all the ingredients to mix properly. If you are looking at a vape fluid and notice it has separated into two parts, like an Italian salad dressing, give it a pass and find something truly homogenous. This means that the mixture is properly combined and is the same thing all throughout. If your CBD vape juice separates, it is going to give your vaping unit issues.

Is the CBD Vape Juice Crystal Clear?

As a general rule, quality manufacturing produces a very clear liquid that will vape evenly against the heating elements and leave no residues. When you hold the flask of CBD vape juice up to the light, it should not appear murky or syrupy. Some 100% natural vape liquids may be slightly cloudy. But in terms of quality, juices that are crystal clear are generally a better choice.

Does it Pass Third-Party Testing?

As always, you will want to read the product descriptions and content labels to know what to expect. Nevertheless, because the hemp industry is still largely unregulated by any official board, these labels may not provide an accurate account of true product contents. Even private laboratory testing can provide some slightly skewed test results.

To avoid this confusion and illustrate professionalism and commitment to excellence, many reputable providers will have their products tested by an unbiased laboratory. Third-party testing means the customer is presented with a comprehensive description of the product in question prepared by a reliable authority. Without this proof of quality, the true contents of the CBD product are anyone’s guess.

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How Will CBD Vape Juice Work With Your Vape?  

Unlike vaping regular e-liquids, CBD vape juices can place a lot of strain on the tanks and heating elements of your vape unit. This problem is more prevalent with lower quality vape juices that aren’t properly homogenized. The CBD oils will burn slower and then form a thick residue on the wicks which damage heating elements.

The best way to avoid going through heating elements quickly when vaping CBD oils is to use a higher quality heating element. Of course, another option is to buy only from reputable dealers who produce top of the line CBD vape juices. Because this will probably be an ongoing activity, choose a vape set that produces fewer waste materials that will end up in a landfill.

Are the Raw Materials Responsibly Sourced?

You can’t know too much about your CBD vape juice especially if you will be using it regularly. The cannabis plant is phytoremediation which means any toxins or pollutants in the cultivation environment can likely be passed through production into your vape juice. The more you vape the more these foreign contaminants can accumulate in your body.

Choosing a suitable product should be done with long term effects in mind. So, look for those manufacturers characterized by transparency and responsible business practices. This will allow you to know where the source materials were grown, what extraction processes were used, and what other ingredients may be in your vape product.

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Final Notes CBD Vape Juices

The CBD vape juices you choose should be considered for their long term effects, still, you may want to try a few different options until you find one that suits you perfectly. While vaping is a fun, relaxing, and fast-acting way to get your daily CBD, it should be enhanced by selecting a healthy and top-quality vape juice.

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