The Benefits of Pursed Lip Breathing

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Pursed lip breathing is something that can help to make your breathing much more effective in total. Many people breathe improperly primarily due to a lack of attention to detail to breathing. This is a technique that is specially designed to help ensure that you are breathing much more effectively and efficiently by making each breath intentional and slower. It is a sort of way to ‘hack’ your breathing to allow for proper breaths each and every time. You do it by inhaling with puckered lips and exhaling through your lips slowly. This alone is going to allow for better efficiently and effectively breathing because it will force you to focus on your breathing and it can help you better control it. In this article, we will be going over some of the ways that this breathing practice works, what it might be used for, and some of the benefits of it.

What Is It For?

Pursed lip breathing is something that can be beneficial for a variety of people. For one, it is especially good at helping improve overall lunch mechanics and helping one learn how to breathe properly. Along with this, it is good for those that might have respiratory issues that make it difficult to breathe at all. This can include all kinds of people including those that might suffer from various lung conditions. Those that have progressive respiratory diseases like COPD are most likely to benefit from this type of slow and deliberate breathing practice because these diseases can severely limit lung function and make it very difficult to breathe in general.1

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Some Benefits Of Pursed Lip Breathing:

1. Control

One of the main reasons you are likely going to want to at least consider implementing this type of breathing method in your routine is due to the fact that it can aid in allowing you much more control over your breathing as a whole. Because it offers you the ability to control the amount you inhale and exhale and because the entire method is so deliberate, you are going to be able to alter your breathes as needed. You will be slowing the breathing pace which can offer you much greater control in general.

2. Keeps Your Airways Open Longer

Another benefit that can stem from implementing this type of breathing style would be the ability to sustain open airways for longer periods of time. Being able to keep your airways open for increased periods of time is easily one of the best benefits that can come from this breathing method because it makes it one of the ideal breathing practices that you will be able to integrate into your routine which can help those that have moderate to severe respiratory issues to begin with. Because it can help you keep your breathing airways open for much longer periods of time, it is a great way to help decrease the total amount of work that is required to go into your breathing efforts.

3. Get Rid Of Excess CO₂

Another good thing that you will be able to benefit from when you implement this type of breathing technique would be the ability to get rid of excess CO2 that might be taking up valuable space in your lungs. Because it can help you get rid of old carbon dioxide that might be trapped in your lungs, it is going to open your lungs up to take in much more oxygen.

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4. Decreased Stress

Another benefit that can stem from pursed lip breathing would be its positive impact that it can have on your stress levels. Because you will be taking much slower and much more deliberate breathes, it is going to help keep your mind from wandering and it can keep you from worrying about things that might be causing you stress in your life. Along with this, it is going to effectively help you calm down your nervous system which can keep you from experiencing heightened anxiety and other things that can lead to increased stress responses.2 Along with this, it can help those that suffer from COPD have much more exercise tolerance which allows for much more effective exercise to further decrease excess stress levels.3

Pursed lip breathing is a breathing technique that can effectively reduce the respiratory rate and improve overall oxygen saturation. However, it comes with a lot of other benefits that make it a very effective breathing technique to consider even if you are not necessarily suffering from a specific respiratory condition that would directly benefit from it. In combination with aromatherapy like MONQ’s Sleepy MONQ R, a refillable portable diffuser, your breathing will make you feel better and healthier.

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By Savannah Wilson

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