The Primary Benefits Of Deep Breathing

benefits of deep breathing

The way you breathe can have a major influence on how you feel. Deep breathing, in particular, can help do everything from helping you release stress to providing you with other kinds of health benefits. Because of its potential impact, it can have on your health and the way you feel, you might be interested in implementing it into your daily life. That way, you can experience the many benefits that come along with it. Below, we will discuss some of the unique benefits of deep breathing exercises.

Benefits Of Deep Breathing Exercises

Reduction In Stress

One of the greatest benefits that deep breathing can offer is the ability to reduce stress levels throughout the body. When your body is experiencing heightened stress levels, things tend to get tense and you end up breathing very shallow. This is largely due to your muscles being constricted to the point where you are not getting the proper amount of oxygen that you need. By getting in deeper breathing sessions, you will be able to supply much more oxygen to your organs and the rest of the muscles throughout your body which can help reduce overall stress levels.1 Another way that it helps is the fact that your breathing patterns can have a direct impact on altering the pH of the blood which can naturally change blood pressure levels. Along with this, it can inhibit the stress response of cortisol which can reduce the overproduction of these hormones throughout the body.2

girl with curly hair in a good moodImprove Your Mood

Another major benefit that can stem from implementing deep breathing exercises would be the ability to improve one’s mood. Because you will be supplying your body with more oxygen, it can help reduce your stress levels which will naturally put one in a much better mood. While deep breathing, you will be able to increase the level of endorphins or pleasure-inducing neurochemicals throughout your brain which can help you improve your mood naturally.

Improve Cognitive Performance

Another benefit that you will be able to get with the implementation of deep breathing in your daily life would be the ability to improve your overall cognitive performance. Studies have shown that deep breathing can have a positive impact on cognitive performance and reduce the negative consequences that typically stem from increased stress.3

person laying in hammockImproved Relaxation

Another major benefit that you are able to get through the implementation of deep breathing exercises is the ability to improve your ability to relax. You will be able to achieve heightened levels of relaxation by implementing these types of deep breathing techniques. This is largely due to being able to reduce stress levels and tension which can have a negative impact on one’s ability to relax, to begin with. Along with this, it can help you decrease your blood pressure levels which is capable of further allowing you to relax much easier.

Now that we have gone over some of the major benefits that you are going to be able to get from incorporating deep breathing exercises in your daily life, we will be going over some of the key tips to implement deep breathing techniques the right way.

Tips For Deep Breathing

phone showing the timeSchedule A Specific Time

One of the things that you are going to want to do is be sure to schedule a specific time where you will be able to incorporate the deep breathing practice in your life. By scheduling a set time to practice your deep breathing exercises each day, you will be able to improve your ability to stick with it to get the kind of long-term benefits it can offer.4

Focus On Your Breathing

Instead of incorporating the breathing sessions in your life randomly while you are performing other tasks like watching television, you will want to try to integrate some form of meditation while you are doing it and really focus on your breathing while you are doing the sessions for the best results.

By implementing deep breathing techniques into your daily life, you should be able to experience some of the benefits that deep breathing can offer including a better ability to relax, improved cognitive function and performance, and a significant decrease in stress. While you might never have thought twice about breathing, a practice like deep breathing can really allow your body and mind to function optimally and improve the way you feel. The people at MONQ have dedicated themselves to the art of breathing, and their many personal diffusers are designed to help you breathe better. Ocean R refillable personal diffuser and many others are a finger’s tip away!

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