Exploring Food Allergies and Treatments

Exploring Food Allergies and Treatments

Food allergies are actually very common. While you might be familiar with some of the more prominent food allergies that people suffer from, you might be surprised to learn that there are many more. In fact, food allergies are so common that they currently affect over 5% of adults and 8% of children and the numbers are only going up.1 Having an allergy to a specific food can lead to serious reactions because your body essentially misidentifies the food as a threat. Because of this, it can trigger an abnormal immune system response to the food that you eat.2 This alone can cause a serious reaction because it can lead to your body flushing your system with various chemicals like histamine which can result in significant inflammation throughout. Those that have serious food allergies can end up with severe inflammatory responses when exposed to the allergens. Luckily, there are natural ways to reduce allergic responses and symptoms that present themselves when exposed to allergens like MONQ’s healthy portable vaporizer which contains very effective anti-inflammatory properties that can curb negative side effects experienced throughout the digestive system. Below, we will be going over some of the symptoms that can present itself, some of the most common food allergies, and some natural treatment methods to prevent harsh symptoms like MONQ’s portable vaporizers.

woman with hives on neckSymptoms of Food Allergies:

Inflammatory Response

The primary symptom that you are likely to notice if you suffer from an allergic response is inflammation in your facial region. Therefore, you might notice severe swelling in the tongue or the entire face. This can contribute to having difficulties breathing because it can cause the throat to close up. When it is severe, this allergic response is known as anaphylaxis which can be fatal in certain instances.

Low Blood Pressure

Another severe response that can occur to those that are having an allergic response to food would be a sudden drop in blood pressure.

Hives and/or Rash

Another direct symptom that can stem from a food allergy would be both hives and a rash. This is directly caused by the release of histamines throughout the body which can result in inflammation of the skin.

Common Food Allergies And Treatment Options:

Cow’s Milk

Perhaps the most common food allergy would be to milk. In fact, up to 3% of all children are diagnosed with an allergy to cow’s milk. However, a majority of them outgrow the allergy by the time they are older.


Eggs are another very common food that people are allergic to. An egg allergy is something that is much more prevalent among infants and younger children.3 However, a majority of the kids that are diagnosed with this type of allergy end up outgrowing it.

woman holding her hand up to peanutsPeanuts and Tree Nuts

Peanuts are another very common food allergy that many suffer from. Peanuts specifically have some of the most severe symptoms and reactions. It is still not entirely known what causes peanut allergies, but studies have shown that introducing peanuts early on in children is a good way to prevent these allergies from ever surfacing.4 Tree nuts are not as prevalent but they can still cause the same allergic reactions.

Shellfish and Fish

Another common food allergy that many suffer from is an allergy to shellfish. A shellfish allergy is another one that can be life-threatening. Your body ends up attacking the proteins found in the shellfish as if it is an intruder. These symptoms can rapidly take effect and be very serious.


Soy is another allergy that affects less than 1% of children, but a majority of them do outgrow it.

Natural Treatments and Remedies:


The best way to naturally treat a food allergy is complete avoidance. Any food that triggers an inflammatory response should be avoided because it can result in a series of complications in the body. Because the allergens listed above account for a large majority of the food allergies that exist, it is not too difficult to avoid the foods entirely. To figure out what foods you might have an allergy to, you could either implement an elimination diet on your own to figure out what foods cause allergic symptoms or you could take allergy tests which will identify which foods you might be allergic to. This will give you accurate information to use to minimize exposure to the ingredients that you should be avoiding.

woman using healthy monq-minEssential Oils

Essential oils offer one of the best remedies to those that suffer from allergic symptoms. If you are suffering from allergy symptoms like headaches, breathing problems, or even digestive discomfort, you will be able to achieve natural relief by using various essential oils.

For instance, eucalyptus oil is a great option for those that suffer from breathing issues as a direct result of exposure to food allergens. It is known to help open up the sinuses and lungs which can make it much easier to breathe. It is also known to help decrease inflammation which is typically what results in airways getting restricted in the first place.

Another essential oil that can be effective against food allergy symptoms would be turmeric. Those that suffer from food allergy symptoms usually get digestive discomfort and inflammation throughout the digestive tract. Turmeric is a good essential oil at combating these symptoms because it is known to support intestinal health and provide a very effective anti-inflammatory effect.5 Marjoram is another excellent option for those that are suffering from allergic reactions to food because it also has the ability to restore optimal digestive system function. MONQ’s Healthy blend has both marjoram and turmeric; it’s a great try if you’re an allergy sufferer.

As you can see, there are various natural ways to effectively combat the side effects and symptoms of being exposed to food allergens. By understanding what foods you are allergic to, you will be better able to avoid foods with the ingredients in them. However, even if you do experience some of the less severe symptoms of being exposed to these allergens, there are natural remedies like essential oils that can provide substantial relief.

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