Quality Components, Tested for Safety

MONQ is dedicated to making excellent aromatherapy experiences, and below we detail some of the most important features of the delivery device itself. No need to wonder about what’s in your hand; it’s all here!


The body of the device is composed of a #304 stainless steel case that is both durable and light. The case is decorated with a coat of nontoxic, textured paint which has been fully tested and found to be free of lead. The device is embossed with the blend name and its 3 main ingredients.


MONQ aromatherapy devices use well-tested, high quality batteries for heating the essential oil blends. Each device is equipped with a recyclable lithium ion battery with a 210mAh capacity which operates at 0.882 watt hours and weight 0.004 grams. The battery can withstand up to approximately 120 degrees Celsius before deterioration and is protected from the device’s heat source by an internal divider, and does not pose any risk of flame or explosion under even extreme circumstances. On rare occasion there can be continued activation of the device, associated with overheating. When this occurs, place the device on a solid non-flammable surface, such as tile or marble, and wait for it to cool down.

Heating System

The essential oil blends are heated to approximately 215 degrees Celsius by a nickel chromium resistance wire. The oils are wicked by silica threads into the heating chamber, and approximately 0.0033 mL of essential oils are consumed in each gentle breath.

FCC Testing

MONQ has been FCC certified, meaning MONQs do not cause any sort of electromagnetic interference, and electromagnetic interference does not cause a MONQ to perform incorrectly.

Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing

MONQ has ensured that our Chinese manufacturers are indeed involved in ethical practices in the production of our products. The manufacturers have passed rigorous third party testing and audits, ensuring that both MONQs themselves are safe for our customers and safely assembled. MONQ’s manufacturers use only adult labor limited to 8 hours per day, and both safety and health requirements are met. Below are some certifications and reports from third-party companies showing the care and effort made to produce MONQs in the most conscientious possible fashion.

Third Party Labor Safety Verification

This image is part of a larger report on the specific operations and quality standards of MONQ’s device manufacturer. MONQ proudly does not use either child labor or coerced labor, and all assemblers work 8 hours per day, ensuring that they are not overworked in assembling devices. This audit was performed in accordance with International Labor Organization Standards.