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Perhaps one of the best reasons to engage geranium rose is when life is so hectic and fast-paced that we lose connection to our feeling self, our intimacy. The intense rosy-floral aroma, which may be used sparingly without losing effectiveness, transports us to a slower pace where introspection can occur so that we might rejoin the world in a more balanced and productive way. Geranium oil is an essential oil commonly used holistically to help improve emotional, mental, and physical health. Those who use aromatherapy are aware of the potent and positive effects of this essential oil. Try this invigorating essential oil for yourself in MONQ's Vibrant or Love essential oil diffusers.


Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil

The use of geranium oil is known to have existed for thousands of years and goes all the way back to the early days of the Egyptians. The upper class typically used it to improve and beautify their skin and to relieve stress. More modern uses of this oil are for promoting skin health and relieving aches and pains. Highlighted below are the top health benefits of geranium essential oil.

Relieves Stress

There is evidence that aromatherapy has a calming effect. In one study, it was found that aromatherapy had measurable effects on reducing stress levels and promoting a sense of well-being.1

Maintains Skin Health

Everyone wants to keep youthful and radiant skin. It has been found that geranium essential oil can have a positive impact on skin health. Simply massage a couple of drops onto the skin diluted with a carrier oil to help maintain a radiant complexion.

Aids Cold Hands and Feet

Many people who suffer from poor circulation in the blood will often experience cold feet and hands. This problem is commonly only one sign of a bigger problem. The effective circulation of blood in the body plays a major role in a person's overall health. When poor circulation develops it will not only cause a person to suffer from excessively cold hands and feet but a myriad of other health problems. Some of the issues that are caused by poor circulation include not only cold hands and feet but also a lack of feeling in fingers and toes. It can also lead to chronic headaches and tiredness as well as a tingling feeling in your limbs. There are many root causes that can lead to this issue. One way of helping to improve blood circulation and aid the symptom of cold hands and feet is through the use of aromatherapy. Geranium essential oil can be used both externally by massaging the oil directly on the problem area and through the use of aromatherapy. If you want to use aromatherapy simply use oil with a desktop or personal essential oil diffuser or take a few drops diluted in a carrier oil and rub it directly onto the problem area. The combination is likely to have the most positive effect on blood circulation. The direct contact of massaging it into the problematic area will likely have the most overall effect on cold or tingling fingers and toes.4

Improves Dental Health and Reduces Bad Breath

Often when it comes to essential oils we focus on the general health benefits but overlook how those oils can help with dental health. Because geranium oil is an antiseptic it is good for fighting bacteria which can lead to cavities and bad breath. A number of studies have found that essential oils can be as effective as fluoride in helping to protect against cavities and the decay of teeth. With the simple use of geranium oil mixed as a mouth rinse, it can kill bacteria that leads to tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. It has been found that this and other essential oils are effective at preventing the growth of plaque. It is also useful for dentures as they can be soaked in a solution of water and geranium essential oil which will remove bacteria that can cause staining and can lead to a buildup of bad bacteria in the mouth.5 Because geranium oil has a relaxing effect that reduces anxiety it is also useful at the dentist office to help those receiving procedures to feel more at ease. The dentist office may have a diffuser to fill the room with aromatherapy scents. This helps bring their patients at ease and help prevent them from feeling uncomfortable when going for their dental work. It has been found to be most effective when used in the waiting room of the dentist office to relieve stress. Biofilm is a problem that happens when getting dental implants. The use of geranium and other essential oils are highly effective at preventing biofilm. The simple treatment of the implants with the essential oil can stop the production of biofilm. It's also been shown to be useful for those who have an allergic reaction to other products used for this problem.

Menopausal Relief

Each woman is different and the timing when women will begin experiencing various changes that can start as early as a woman's 30s. Usually, this doesn't happen until a woman is in her 40s or 50s. She is considered to be in menopause when she goes a full year with no menstrual cycles. Some of the common symptoms include hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, and insomnia. Some women do feel a sense of relief because they no longer have to deal with their monthly menstrual cycle. Others are relieved they no longer need to be concerned about getting pregnant. Some women will elect to take hormone therapy to relieve some of the symptoms. However, numerous tests have found that doing so puts the woman at increased risk for stroke and heart disease. The longer that a woman stays on hormone therapy the greater her risks grows. Those that suffer from depression when entering menopause will often turn to antidepressants only to find that the drugs have many serious side effects.6 Geranium essential oil has been found to help relieve feelings of anxiety, reduce depression, and detoxifies the body. Many women find that they have dry skin and this essential oil is highly effective at relieving that condition. Geranium oil helps elevate positive feelings and it helps regulate mood swings. Aromatherapy, as well as the use of massage with this oil, is effective in relieving these types of symptoms that often accompany menopause.



Physical and Chemical Properties of Geranium Oil

Essential oils are fluids extracted from plants and flowers and are usually colorless and refractive. These oils are what help give herbs and flowers their unique fragrance. The oils come from different parts of the plant where they will have various levels of concentration. In some cases, there are slightly different components within the oil.7 Geranium oil comes from the steam distillation of freshly ground parts of the Geranium macrorrhizum. The main components of this oil are ketones, alcohol's, hydrocarbons, and monoterpene compounds.8 The plant is originally from South Africa and is also natively found in Egypt, Madagascar, and Morocco. There are several hundred varieties but only 10 that are typically used for essential oil. This perennial shrub stands at about 1 meter high and is sometimes used around the house to keep evil spirits away.

Safety and Precautions of Using Geranium Essential Oil

It is important to understand that essential oils are powerful. It's necessary to use a certain level as a precaution when first starting. It is necessary to be particularly careful with children. If used topically on children it should be diluted to 1/3 of what is used for an adult. It is best to consult with a health care professional who has experience working with essential oils before using on children. Although it is natural, because of its potency there are some cases where certain sensitivities may be experienced. Use 4 ml of carrier oil for every one drop of the essential oil when using directly on the skin. Geranium oil has been found to be very effective in helping the health of the skin. Nonetheless, you should test a small amount on a small area or patch of the skin to make sure you don't have any reaction.9

geranium oil

Common Ways to Use Geranium Essential Oil

  • By adding a little to your moisturizer it will help the skin balance the production of oil.
  • Quickly calm down a panic or anxiety attack by putting a drop in your hands and rubbing them together. Then, cup your hands over your mouth and nose and breathing in to produce a calm state of mind.
  • Beautify your skin by using this aromatic oil with a facial steam.
  • Add a few drops to your shampoo to improve the health and vibrancy of hair.

Final Thoughts About Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium oil is great for skin, hair, and teeth. It is effective at balancing hormones and relieving anxiety and depression. It is an essential oil that should be in everyone's home. You can find geranium in MONQ's Relieve personal essential oil diffuser.

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