MONQ Blend Pods Fresh Blend POD
MONQ Blend Pods Fresh Blend POD
MONQ Blend Pods Fresh Blend POD
 Fresh Blend POD  Fresh Blend POD  Fresh Blend POD
 Fresh Blend POD  Fresh Blend POD  Fresh Blend POD

Fresh Blend POD

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Breathe this Fresh blend that is designed to clear your head and enhance your productivity.


  • Key ingredients: Ginger, Lemon, Peppermint
  • 100% Pure Essential Oils
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Use the AirTip for maximized experience
  • Pro Tip: Stuck in the same old pattern? Use Fresh to help you get the boost you need to get a new perspective.

Fresh is a blend of mints, earthy spices, and a hint of citrus designed to cleanse the palate and body while providing a boost of rejuvenating energy. This holistically beneficial blend may also improve digestion and clear the mind so you can be at your most productive!

Ginger | Lemon | Peppermint

Caraway, Copaiba, Orange, Spearmint, Vanilla & Organic USP Glycerin

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This purchase is for one Blend POD only. Blend PODs contain only the MONQ Blend and require a MONQ R Flip Case for use. Both the CBD & Non-CBD Blend PODs can be used with the MONQ R Flip Case.

Primary Ingredients


Description: Ginger essential oil comes from the root of the plant in the Zingiber family and dates back to ancient China. It is commonly used today for culinary purposes because of its flavor.
Scientific Name: Zingiber Officinale
Extraction Method: steam-distilled


Description: This fresh, citrusy essential oil can be used topically, aromatically, and internally for a variety of health benefits. Purifying and revitalizing, lemon provides acidic undertones that uplift the mind and refresh the senses.
Scientific Name: Citrus Limon
Extraction Method: cold-pressed


Description: Just about everyone is familiar with peppermint essential oil. It is used extensively in food, beverage, and cosmetics. Peppermint is cooling and drying. It can energize us whenever we feel lethargic or stuck in rut. It has cleansing actions with a strong, invigorating aroma.
Scientific Name: Mentha x Piperita L
Extraction Method: steam-distilled
Ginger, Lemon, Peppermint, Benzoin, Bergamot, Cardamon, Caraway, Copaiba, Orange, Spearmint, Vanilla & Organic USP Glycerin
The MONQ R rechargeable diffuser batteries and Blend PODs are designed to work together as part of an exclusively compatible MONQ product line. MONQ R purchases include all components necessary for use. Blend PODs are interchangeable and contain only the blend. Blend PODs are sold separately and cannot be used without a MONQ R diffuser battery.

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