MONQ Blend Pods Forest Blend POD
MONQ Blend Pods Forest Blend POD
MONQ Blend Pods Forest Blend POD
 Forest Blend POD  Forest Blend POD  Forest Blend POD
 Forest Blend POD  Forest Blend POD  Forest Blend POD

Forest Blend POD

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Experience the cleansing air of the forest with this natural essential oil blend.


  • Key ingredients: Fir, Frankincense, Pine
  • 100% Pure Essential Oils
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Use the AirTip for maximized experience
  • Pro Tip: When you can’t get outside as much as you need to, use Forest for a boost of terpenes.

Bring the cleansing air of the Forest with you anywhere! Fir and pine are perfect for cleansing the air in your spaces and boosting the respiratory system. Frankincense is an essential oil with centering and balancing properties, making it a perfect complement to the pines and firs in Forest.

Fir | Frankincense | Pinyon Pine

Siberian Fir, Balsam Fir, Black Spruce, Pinyon Pine, Orange, Opoponax, Cardamom, Lime, Cinnamon Leaf

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This purchase is for one Blend POD only. Blend PODs contain only the MONQ Blend and require a MONQ R Flip Case for use. Both the CBD & Non-CBD Blend PODs can be used with the MONQ R Flip Case.

Primary Ingredients


Description: There are many different species of fir originating from various parts of the world. At MONQ, we most frequently use Balsam, Douglas, and Siberian firs! The bulk of our firs come from the United States and Canada, but some are sourced from Europe. Firs are rich in alpha- and beta-pinene.
Scientific Name: Abies
Extraction Method: steam-distilled


Description: Frankincense has been used for thousands of years to awaken the spirit and balance the mind. In meditation practices, it allows for deeper breaths that restore calmness and peace.
Scientific Name: Boswellia Carterii
Extraction Method: steam-distilled

Pinyon pine

Description: We ethically source our pinyon pine from wild-harvested trees in the southwest United States. While similar in chemistry to the scotch pine, pinyon also has elements from the family of firs. The aroma is unique and distinct with fruity notes that join the woody, conifer aromas that are expected.
Scientific Name: Pinus edulis
Extraction Method: steam-distilled
Breathe terpene-rich Forest Blend from an Original diffuser and diffuse this purifying blend in your spaces.
Cardamom, Cinnamon Leaf, Lime, Sweet Myrrh, Sweet Orange essential oils & Organic USP Glycerin.
We are big fans of Shinrin-Yoku—forest bathing or forest therapy. The Forest blend family provides many of the same aromatic and therapeutic experiences, including replenishing beneficial terpenes, as does the practice of forest bathing.
The MONQ R rechargeable diffuser batteries and Blend PODs are designed to work together as part of an exclusively compatible MONQ product line. MONQ R purchases include all components necessary for use. Blend PODs are interchangeable and contain only the blend. Blend PODs are sold separately and cannot be used without a MONQ R diffuser battery.

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