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What Are Qualia and Why Are They Important in Your Life?

You've probably never heard of qualia before, but they are a huge part of making your experiences of the world around you unique! Learn more in this post.

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A Note From Our Founder & CEO This Thanksgiving

Our Founder & CEO, Dr. Eric Fishman, has written a message of thanks to our MONQ family in anticipation of the holiday. Read about what he is thankful for.

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Send Us Your MONQ Story!

We love hearing about the positive impact MONQ has made on the lives of our customers. Now you can share your story for a chance to be featured on our blog!

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Breathe to Believe: MONQ at The 10th Annual BOO-lesque

Read about MONQ's recent appearance at Music City Burlesque's 10th Annual BOO-lesque Halloween Event in Nashville, Tennessee!

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What Does MONQ Mean?

Our Founder & CEO, Dr. Eric Fishman, explains the meaning of the acronym that represents a revolution in aromatherapy.

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Breathe to Believe: MONQ at The 7th Nashville Beer & Wine Fest

Read about our first official MONQ Event as a vendor at the 7th Nashville Beer & Wine Fest, benefitting Cupid Charities and the Children's Tumor Foundation.

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Why MONQ? An Overview

Get the low-down on MONQ Therapeutic AirĀ® - why, when, and how to use our diffusers and what the different blends can do for you.

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MONQ: Let’s Start at the Beginning

Read about our Founder & CEO, Dr. Eric Fishman, and how he came up with the idea for MONQ, a brand that has since become iconic in the Health & Wellness industry.

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How Do You Pronounce MONQ?

We are often asked how MONQ is pronounced. There have been some interesting and amusing attempts but we aim to clear the issue up once and for all!

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