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What Is Aromatherapy And Where Did It Come From?

Read about the uses of aromatherapy in different civilizations throughout history, and discover why this practice has survived through the ages.

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Study | The Effects of Zen on Meditative and Relaxed States

If our almost 3,000 five-star reviews weren't enough to convince you that MONQ diffusers work, we now have a study to prove it! Check out our results here.

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Mood Enhancer

How Safe Are Natural Mood Enhancers?

Learn about various ways to naturally enhance your mood, and specifically about how to use aromatherapy for this purpose.

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You Evolved to Breathe Plants

Terpenes are compounds released by plants that our ancestors breathed in every day. If you live in an urban environment, these terpenes may be missing from your life.

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Hiking Photo

Could Your Environment be Contributing to Your Stress?

We all have many stressors in our lives. Did you know that the air you breathe could be one of them? Read about why terpenes are important to your health.

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5 Benefits of Aromatherapy: Why Your Sense of Smell is Important

Did you know that aromatherapy does more than just smell good? Here are 5 key benefits you can gain from this ancient practice.

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A History of Aromatherapy: Evolution and the Paleolithic Period

Let's start with a reasonable proposition and extrapolate from there: All living organisms thrive in environments as close as possible to those in which their ancestors evolved. For humans, this environment was the forest...

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