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Yoga And Meditation

Seven Yoga Studios Around the World Worth Visiting

There is hardly a better way to gain a well-rounded view about the world of yoga than through experiences in yoga studios around the world. The practice of yoga today has produced new schools of thought and practice to addresses the needs of a diverse international population. Those looking to take their practice to the next level would benefit greatly from immersion in new and improved methodologies.

The following are some of the most beautiful studios in the world that contain some unique attributes worth experiencing. If you find yourself in the region, a trip to any of the following international yoga studios would be well worth your time.

yoga studios Blue Osa Retreat and Spa – Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Located a stone’s throw from the mighty rainforest on the Osa Peninsula, the Blue Osa retreat provides a refreshing breath of healthy forest air and picturesque natural settings. There is even a secluded beach just moments away where yogis can enjoy the solitude of the mind.

There is a chlorine-free pool for tempering the tropical sun without absorbing toxins. Toxins are also absent from the menu where fruits and veggies are served from Blue Osa’s very own organic garden. Taking a couple days to reset the senses in this world-class studio retreat and therapeutic forest setting could be a great option for relieving stress, allowing you to go back to your everyday life feeling refreshed and renewed.

Lightspace Yoga – Melbourne, Australia yoga studios

Featuring a spectacular view of the Melbourne skyline, Lightspace Yoga applies a peaceful breezy feeling to traditionally soothing and restorative yoga practices like vinyasa, yin, and meditation.

Another element of Lightspace Yoga is the application of aromatherapy and essential oil blends to soothe the senses. The combination of aromatics, mindfulness, and yoga practice dates back thousands of years and are applied here to improve the atmosphere of the class. If you are interested in how essential oils can improve your yoga practice, this is a great place to pick up experience. 1

yoga studios Swami Dayananda Ashram – Rishikesh, India

An important international place of Vedantic and yoga study, the Swami Dayananda Ashram is a terrific place to find peace and guidance along the spiritual path of yoga. There is a world class yoga studio in constant operation behind the white Ashram Temple that overlooks the sacred Ganges River. Some of the most brilliant yogis and swamis from across India and the globe hold conferences and seminars on personal achievement and self-attainment here. Special Vedanta classes are also held to transmit spiritual teachings to their followers.

Kindness Yoga – Denver, Colorado yoga studios

This spacious establishment was once used to store lumber and then as an automobile dealership, but today, the open-spaces of this urban oasis packs a crowd of dedicated yoga practitioners. Kindness is the theme generously imparted by the specialized instructors and enthusiastic crowds of students.

The environment has been beautifully decorated with tapestries and warm decor that imparts peace and positivity to the visitor. Both large practice halls feature abundant natural lighting and only one feature large wall mirrors. You will also find all amenities including changing rooms, lockers, and showers.

yoga studios Mangala Yoga – Oahu, Hawaii

If you will be visiting the north shore of Oahu Island in Hawaii, you will find yourself right outside of the beautiful town of Makawao. This tropical paradise is snuggled up against the mountainside and is home of the charming Mangala Yoga studio, a place for experienced instruction and plenty of personalized attention. This makes it a great location for the beginner and advanced practitioner alike.

Part of the appeal in this studio lies is in the use of natural environments for affecting the flow of energies throughout the body. There are forests, mountain, and ocean vistas to adjust mental perspective and bodily movements.

Some of the more popular classes offered at Mangala are the candlelight restorative or yin yoga sessions. This is the perfect thing for relieving the mind and body of stress and tension accumulated over many months or years of pressures. Then, there are the jungle flow and lava sculpt classes designed to empower and reshape the body.

The Yoga Barn – Ubud, Bali  width=

Ubud is the cultural center of Bali and is rapidly becoming an important yoga destination for the physically and spiritually inclined. The Yoga Barn is located right outside the Jalan Monkey Forest and features several large studios with views of the mountains and natural countryside.

Some studios have regular classes while others are dedicated to special events and yoga seminars. In addition to yoga practice and serene surroundings, visitors can also treat themselves to holistic healing methods, including acupuncture, TCM, and more.

yoga studios Hamsa Yoga Studio – Copenhagen, Denmark

Visitors to the simple surroundings of Hamsa Yoga will enjoy a synergy of ancient teachings and philosophies with modern applications. The spacious studio is breezy and white and located in one of the most beautiful buildings in Copenhagen.

Here, individuals can practice hatha, vinyasa, and meditation, as well as participate in the many workshops and seminars hosted here. After your session, take your cheery disposition and new awareness through some of the nearby parks and scenic regions of the city.


If you’ve never before headed out to far-away countries or exotic locations to broaden your yoga horizons, you’re in for a real treat. The perspectives and lessons found outside of your world will provide you with many directions to further your mastery of yoga.

Be sure you take the time to research the specifics of your options well before settling on the best location for you. While all of these locations will hold unforgettable experiences, some are slightly better resourced than others, which can make a world of difference as far as finding relaxation and peace of mind are concerned.

Once you’ve decided where to go, all that’s left to do is breathe, relax, and enjoy.

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