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Yoga And Meditation

MONQ Meditation Series - Ocean

Meditating is a key method in understanding and transforming your mind. MONQ believes the practice of meditation and the use of essential oils often go hand in hand, which is why we’ve put together a MONQ Meditation series to accompany you through the process to become relaxed and at peace. Each video features a different focus and a guide to using a MONQ diffuser to enhance your experience. This video focuses on motivation to help you Feel Nature, so check out a MONQ Ocean diffuser with essential oils eucalyptus, lime, and tangerine to help bring you to a place of nostalgia and relaxation. You can also check out the Ocean bottled blend for use in a room diffuser! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more guided meditation videos, like Active and Vibrant.

girl meditating next to ocean

Meditation Transcript

Hi and welcome to our MONQ Meditation Series. I’m Victoria Frazier and I get to help guide you through today's meditation in which we will focus on balancing the water element in life. This will help increase a more fluid communication for you and also help provide a more openness throughout your body.

First and foremost, find a place where you feel most safe and comfortable. This could be a room in your house, a spot in your office, where you can close the door, shut the blinds, and really let the outside world fade away. You could also be sitting in your car before you head into work or before you even head out into traffic. Again, wherever you feel most comfortable and safe. If you are lucky enough to be outside, it always feels amazing to meditate outside. Next, find a comfortable seated position where you are on the ground comfortable legs crossed. You could do half lotus if you want to, full lotus if your knees allow. Mine don’t really, so I have to have a wonderful cushion underneath my bottom and I use blocks. I place them under my knees and it releases all the tension I was just putting pressure on. And also helps to tilt my pelvis forward so it elongates my spine to take out any tension in my lower back, and creates a really nice long line of energy from my tailbone all the way up through the crown of my head. Also, make your chin level to the ground to release any sort of tension in the back of your neck as well.

Ocean MONQ Diffusers at the Beach

One of my favorite ways to enhance meditation is through essential oils. I love to use MONQ therapeutic air and this is their personal aromatic diffuser. This is Ocean which seemed kind of perfect for balancing the water element. It has eucalyptus, lime, and tangerine which are known to be very calming while also heightening your senses. To use it you take a MONQ breath, and to do that you bringing the therapeutic air into your mouth using your tongue to press it up through and past your ole factory zones and out your nose. Really super easy. I am going to show you one. So I take a nice big deep breath first so I get fresh air into my lungs and then I pull the MONQ therapeutic air into my mouth. Super easy and this one is really tasty.

Now that you have found a comfortable seated position, the last thing before we start our meditation is your hands. You can have them resting palms down on your legs, you can have them palm up to absorb the energy around you, or I invite you to try a different mudra today or hand position called Varuna. It is the water mudra. It is very easy, you take your pinky and your thumb and you press them very gently against each other while then straightening the rest of your fingers and placing the back of your hand's palm up on your knees. The water mudra is wonderful for encouraging the water movement in your body. So it rehydrates your cells from your skin, and tissues, and muscles all the way into your joint cartilage. Just for my knees alone, I need to be doing this a couple times a day. Your next big inhale bring your shoulders all the way up to your ears and then exhale them all the way down your spine. When you are ready, close your eyes.

We are going to begin today with your ujjayi breath, the breath of the ocean. You are going to make an audible noise when you exhale by constricting your throat and pressing the back of your tongue towards the back of your mouth. Breathing solely through your nose. Bring your breath all the way down in the deepest part of your belly. Up through your lower ribs to your higher ribs, filling all your lungs all the way up into your throat and exhaling out and making that nice ocean sound. We are going to take three more long, deep, slow ujjayi breaths. Create a gate from the inside out. Centering and balancing your body. Allowing your mind to settle and focus on just the sound of your own breath.

Focus on this present moment. On your breath. And allow positive thoughts to enter your body. Positive thoughts of peacefulness.

Serenity. As if you are floating gently in a pool of water. Supported and buoyant. Easy and light.

Take another MONQ breath now if you would like. Let the therapeutic air rush past your senses. Opening your nasal cavity and bring a sense of awareness.


Keep imagining those ocean waves gently going towards you and gently washing away any negative thoughts. Any blame or guilt you put upon yourself. Let it go. Feel your body free and light. Your mind centered on your breath.

Do one last body scan to see if you can find any deep tension that may have been hiding. Take a nice big deep breath imagining the largest wave so far. In strength and clarity coming towards you and washing away that last bit of stress or worry you may have been feeling. And then come back wiggle your fingers and toes and on your next inhale open your eyes. Thank you so much for joining us today in our meditation. I hope you feel a bit lighter a bit more fluid and remember you can always meditate anytime or anywhere from three, to five, to ten minutes.


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