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Yoga And Meditation

MONQ Meditation Series - Mountain

Meditating is a key method in understanding and transforming your mind. MONQ believes the practice of meditation and the use of essential oils often go hand in hand, which is why we’ve put together a MONQ Meditation series to accompany you through the process to become relaxed and at peace. Each video features a different focus and a guide to using a MONQ diffuser to enhance your experience. This video focuses on motivation to help you Feel Nature, so check out a MONQ Mountain diffuser with essential oils juniper leaf, peppermint, and scotch pine to help enhance and focus your five senses. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more guided meditation videos, like Forest and Sleepy.

mountain landscape

Hi and welcome to our MONQ Meditation Series. I am Victoria Frazier and I get to guide you through today’s mediation in which we focus on enhancing and focusing your five senses. When you’re ready, find a place where you feel most comfortable and safe. This could be outside if you have the opportunity, or inside in a cozy room, or even a spot in your office where you have a chance to close the door and shut the blinds. Wherever you feel most comfortable and safe and you can let the rest of the world just fade away. Once you’ve found that place, find a nice comfortable seated position. You could be in a chair if you would like with your feet pressed firmly on the ground, knees over ankles, shoulders over hips, and your chin parallel to the ground. You can also be seated on a nice cushion or a chair on the floor. I like to be on the floor with a cushion cross-legged. You could do half lotus if you like or full lotus if your knees allow. Mine don’t, they get a little grumpy so I like to take my blocks and place them underneath my knees to release any tension. And also helps to tilt my pelvis forward elongating your spine creating a nice long line of energy from the crown of your head all the way through your tailbone.

And When you’re ready, I invite you to try a new breathing technique. It is called alternate nasal breathing and once you see it you’ll realize that’s exactly what it is. So, take your right hand, hold it up. And you take your index finger and your middle finger and fold them down, so it’s sort of like, you know the old school cowabunga dude but with your ring finger up. Take your right thumb and place it over your right nostril. So you’re gonna take a nice big deep inhale through your left nostril and take your ring finger and close it up. Open your right nostril and exhale out. Inhale again through your right side, close it off, open the opposite side, exhale out. Take three more nice big rounds of breaths this way. And one way to really remember is that right after you inhale you are going to close it off and then you’ll exhale again the opposite side. Inhale back in, close it off, exhale out the other side, breathing solely through your nose. So the alternate nasal breathing is really wonderful if you get any sinus headaches if you have allergies, it just helps to clear the pathway, but also helps to concentrate on your breath and focus and have a really good idea of exactly how you’re breathing and where you’re breathing. On your last exhale, exhale out of your left nostril specifically since you started that way. And that’s your alternate nasal breathing.

Hand with Mountain Tattoo holding Mountain MONQ

One of my favorite ways to enhance your meditation is with essential oils. I like MONQ Therapeutic Air. This is their personal aromatic diffuser and I like to wear their necklace too because it’s super easy to find during meditation, before, or after. You don’t have to search around for it. This specifically is their Mountain blend which has juniper, peppermint, and pine. So it’s got mountain notes to it, which is actually a really grounding sensation it gives you. 

So next we’re gonna do our prana, our hand position. This is called the shoonya pranayama and you’re gonna to take your hands, palm forward, thumbs crossover as if you’re letting someone know number four and then bring your fingers together. Take your middle finger and place your fingertip right in the crease your thumb has made, and then fold your thumb over your middle finger. Place your hand's palm up resting on your knees and your shoonya prana is fantastic for your ears, for your hearing, if you ever have ringing in your ears, if you have frequent headaches or any numbness in your body. It also helps to ground you and keep you centered.

Take a nice, big, deep inhale raising your shoulders up to your ears, exhaling them down your spine keeping it nice and long and when you’re ready, close your eyes. Begin breathing again solely through your nose. Nice big deep breaths all the way down in the pit of your belly. Filling up, expanding your diaphragm. All the way up to the tip-top of your throat, pause there and then begin exhaling slowly. Every bit of stale air from your lungs, pausing at the bottom and then begin a nice slow inhale filling again the depths of your belly, feeling your diaphragm expand, filling to the tip-top of your throat and pausing, and then slowly exhaling it out. We’ll take five nice long more breaths this way. Letting your inhales to your exhales be the same length. And then let the next round of breath be a little bit longer than the last.

man sitting on rock

Letting yourself melt into this moment. Let the crown of your head relax. Let your eyes be free of strain. Let your nose be clear. Let your tongue rest gently in your mouth and your jaw hang lightly.

Your head floating on top of your neck. Let every exhale bring your shoulders a little bit farther away from your ears, descending down your spine. Let your biceps and triceps relax. Your hands resting gently on top of your knees.

Take three more nice, long, deep inhales and exhales. Doing another full body scan. Acknowledging every little taste, sound, smell, feeling, and vision. Notice exactly where you are in this moment and on your next inhale open your eyes.

Thank you so much for sharing this meditation with me today. I hope it brought a little extra life and appreciation to all your five senses or maybe your six if you are one of those gifted people. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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