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how to set up a meditation space||

Yoga And Meditation

How To Set Up A Meditation Space

Although meditation can be done anywhere at any time, you surely want to make it a special experience. One of the best ways to develop discipline in your meditation while nurturing your inner growth is making the location consistent.

Whenever we set aside a given area for a specific task, we create an anchor in our mind that the location has a purpose. Think about it. Your home has specific areas that are designated for specific activities. That’s why when we walk in the kitchen; we tend to think about eating. When we enter the bedroom, we tend to think about sleep. In the same way, when we enter our meditation space, we think about mindfulness and relaxing.

It’s therefore important that when you do decide to start meditating, you should consciously take time to choose the perfect space in your home that will promote calmness and relaxation. A dedicated space for meditation will start to collect your intentions, your energy, and your vibrations. The area will become a personal space where you feel safe, comfortable, and inspired. It will be your own personal sanctuary and a natural expression of you.


How to Setup a Space for Meditation

Have the Purpose of the Space in Mind

The first step is thinking about the purpose of that space. Is it your own personal place for meditation, or will you share it with others (such as your family)? Is the space intended for creating a serene feeling in your home or for you to seek inner clarity and calmness? The purpose of your space should help you determine its ideal location and the items you’ll need.

Pick a Location that makes you feel good

If you’re lucky enough to have an extra room in your home that faces soothing blue water, lush green trees, or a beautiful flower garden, it would be ideal. You might already be using this room as your bedroom or for other purposes, but considering how great it’s set up for practicing meditation, you can designate a small corner in the room for this purpose. Be sure to consider the lighting of the room, its quietness, and the traffic it gets.

You don’t need an entire room for meditation. You can use a corner of a room, a spacious, empty closet, or a small space in your garden if you like being in nature and hearing the sounds of birds. You can always get creative and decorate the space to create a personalized meditation space, as we’ll discuss below.

Get rid of all the clutter

Before you start meditating, make sure the space is clean. It’s simple logic — if your environment is clean and free of clutter, you will also be relaxed during meditation. Ensure that the area stays as clean and hygienic as possible. This will have an impact on your meditation experience.

Personalize the Space

Only bring items that reflect your personal style, and ones that will help bring more peace and serenity to your space. Some basics include a small table, a pillow, a mat, and perhaps a nice throw rug. The items should ideally fit the purpose of your space.

You can choose to include images of Buddha, some bowls, and candles. You may also want to include flowers, special lights, some crystals, and images of people you love. Remember not to clutter the space with too much stuff. Minimalism goes along with the general idea of a meditation space— uplifting, light, and inviting.

meditation space

Make Your Space Sacred

While music is not necessary, some soothing music or chants will help bring more peace and tranquility, especially for those living in noisy cities. Alternatively, add a small water fountain in the space. The crisp sound of trickling water will make the room more serene and soothing.

Creating a beautiful aroma in the room will fill it with beautiful, soothing energies, which will help you stay focused. You can also include some incense or burn candles with meditative scents. Watching the flame of a candle flicker can be very meditative.

Don’t forget to keep your phone and other possible distractions out. The whole idea is to disconnect for a few moments so that you’ll connect better with the world when you get back.

If you have roommates or a family, let them know that this is your personal space, and the time when you use it. Ask them to respect it and the time you meditate. Who knows, they might just decide to join you.

Meditation is your special time of the day. Make use of these tips while creating your meditation space, to make it a peaceful area to relax and breath. Go with your intuition to make it a personal sanctum. Good luck!

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