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Yoga And Meditation

How Meditation Improved My Personal and Professional Life

It’s almost impossible to approach meditation without making associations with stereotypical imagery. Many people assume meditation is a form of prayer, worship, or even self-sacrifice to an indistinct divinity. Others relegate the practice to deeply introspective people.

Despite these perceptions, mindfulness and the cultivation of mindfulness through practiced meditation is applicable to everyone with a functioning mind. Meditation is not a class of activities but rather a way of accomplishing activities. It is the range of different applications that can give meditation a personal nature and profound personal benefits. Naturally, these personal benefits have implications for the professional career as well.

While there are times that a novice practitioner will wonder if they are making progress, and everyone feels lost sometimes, this will pass. Some of the benefits of cultivating mindfulness are available at the start and some come to fruition after some practice. Then, there is a whole undiscovered frontier of future awakenings to encourage further practice.

Highlighted below is a description of how cultivating mindfulness through meditation has greatly improved my life in both personal and professional capacities.

professional life Better Sleep and Health

To give some background to the story, this is where the trouble began. When sleep habits are disrupted, the entire performance of the body is compromised. In my case, poor sleep habits were taking a toll on my both my happiness and energy levels and by the time it started affecting work performance, I knew something needed to change.

Getting to the root of the issue was not as easy as applying my newly-found meditation habits. Apparently, it’s not easy to get sleep in general. Artificial lighting, irregular works hours, and stress naturally sap away the body’s capacity to regulate sleep.

I had to take drastic measures to fight for my good rest. I began by boosting the quality of my sleep habits by dimming the lights, shutting off electronic displays, and diffusing aromatic essential oils throughout my apartment for about an hour before sleep. Mindfulness practices spearheaded the change by allowing me to relax my mind before climbing into bed.

I found that even 10 minutes of practicing mindfulness meditation allowed me to fall asleep much faster. I could peacefully and blissfully doze off without wrestling with unresolved issues at work. Though the problems and worry weren’t gone the next morning, I had gotten the rest I needed to address them more effectively.

Better sleep allowed for improved energy levels, less dependence on caffeine in the late afternoon, and a better overall attitude. It wasn’t long until these emotional improvements allowed for professional improvements.

Improved Professional Performance meditation improved

Every industry has its special occupational hazards. Working in sales and marketing requires a fluidity of mind and mental resilience that can handle the switch from anticipation, euphoria, and disappointment without breaking the rhythm of its stride. In my case, this required a considerable mental effort to make these switches without getting too fixated on future accomplishments or potential catastrophes.

It wasn’t until I began practicing mindfulness to address the sleeping habits that I became aware of how this mental state was sapping my mental endurance and keeping me from applying full effort to my work.

Meditation has a lot to do with dealing with distractions and mental processes without judgment. This improves the capacity to concentrate and builds a stronger resistance to negativity. These benefits allowed me to build an awareness of my mental processes and work towards greater efficiency and reduced stress in the workplace through increased focus.

meditation improved Increased Quality of Life

Believe it or not, mindfulness has changed the way I experience the world. This has a lot to do with the simple concept of intentionality or doing things with purpose.

The mindful mind is more aware of the subtle nuances that make experiences deeper. These subtle moments can be easily missed by a mind that is full of distractions that pull awareness away from the present moment.

However, anything enjoyed intentionally is more enjoyable. This could be the savory appeal of a delicious pizza, the invigorating warmth of black coffee or the subtle communications exchanged with an intimate friend. Without mindfulness, some of the subtle beauty in life can be easily overlooked.

Better Understanding of Myself

Meditation introduces the conscious mind to the essential self. This view has provided me with deeper insights into the way I think and feel, as well as the underlying causes of those thoughts and feelings.

Reduced Stress

Whether when plagued by smaller distractions or overwhelmed by a lot of negativity, practicing mindfulness allows me to clear my mind and re-establish balance. This is one of the first tricks an aspiring practitioner will learn. Simply relax the mind, focus awareness on the breathing, and stay there for as long as you need.

Tips for Beginning Meditation meditation improved

You already have everything you need to become a first-rate meditator right where you are. However, there are some factors that can greatly improve your performance.

Choose a Good Spot

Take the time to make your meditation location calm and relaxing. This can be your office, bedroom, or out in the forest. Remember that making sure that you’re far away from distractions will allow your mind greater freedom.

Get Comfortable

Getting comfortable is essential to prevent being distracted. Lotus position is nice, but the “corpse” position is just as good and easy for everyone. Additionally, you can relax the mind and ground the body through the use of essential oils, peaceful imagery, and soothing sounds.

Build Awareness One Breath at a Time

Keep your practice as easy as you can commit to. There is no reason to make it any harder than bringing awareness to your breathing as you inhale and exhale.

Clear Your Mind

You can learn a lot about yourself from where your mind goes when at rest. Don’t judge yourself or silence these thoughts, but don’t dwell on them either. Simply, allow them to pass and bring your awareness back to your breathing.


Adding meditation into my daily routine has brought many benefits to my personal and professional life. From alleviating worry to improving sleep , and boosting my performance at work, I’m grateful for bringing this practice into my life. Next time you’re feeling stressed or think that the hustle and bustle of life are keeping you from your full potential, consider adding meditation into your routine and put yourself on the path towards experiencing these benefits.

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