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Energy Healing: Different Styles of Practice

Energy healing is an exciting area of study. From ancient roots, this practice has evolved as it has grown over centuries. All branches of energy healing work from a similar concept: the human body has an energy system through which life force energy flows. Like any of the body’s systems, blockages in the energy system are thought to be forerunners to illness. Highlighted below is an overview of a range of energy healing modalities and ways you might choose to work them.

Types of Energy Healing  width=

While you may not be familiar with energy healing, you may have heard of one of the myriad styles of energy work being done in the world today. The following chart was the result of a quick search on the internet for types of energy work. 1

The point is not to describe or recommend one therapy over another. Rather, it is to show you that the concept of using the energy of and around the human body in a healing manner is ancient and modern, widely-practiced, researched, and is being developed in order to find more effective ways to heal individuals with energy by many healers/practitioners worldwide.

Acupressure Acupuncture Aromatherapy Aura Reading
Ayurveda Bio-touch Bioenergetics Body Talk
Breathwork Breema Chakra Balancing Chinese Medicine
Color Therapy Craniosacral Therapy Crystals EFT (Tapping)
EMDR (Eye movement) Hands of Light Healing Touch Jin Shin Jyutsu
LaHoChi Orgonomy Past Life Regression Polarity Therapy
Pranic Healing Qigong Quantum Entrainment Quantum-Touch
Reconnective Healing Reflexology Reiki Shamanism
Shiatsu Sound therapy Tai Chi Therapeutic Touch
Yoga Zero Balancing

Some of these practices may sound familiar. For instance, acupuncture is a highly respected and complex therapy that activates and clears energy nodes in the body. Similarly, acupressure and reflexology stimulate these same energy nodes.

Many people are familiar with the power of aromatherapy, which involves therapeutic grade essential oils to provide a wide range of health benefits.

Alternatively, breathwork or pranayama is one arm of yogic traditions that uses variations in breathing to pull in and balance the energy in the body.

Crystals are an attractive and popular way to bring energy into your space with positive effects on the body’s energy system.

Qigong and tai chi both involve specific patterns of movement that free and energize the body’s energy paths, while past life regressions explore the energy that might be affecting you from your experiences in past lives.

Diversity of Energy Healing  width=

Many of these energy healing practices involve a practitioner channeling energy through their hands to your body, boosting energy flow and clearing blockages. The practitioners have been trained to perform these techniques.

However, it’s important to understand that anyone can learn these techniques. There are procedures, books, tests, and levels of experience that practitioners go through to learn and hone their skills. These therapies aren’t really so magical or mysterious when you look at the reality that your energy practitioner went to school to learn to help you with energy healing. 2

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a practitioner of one of these styles of energy healing, it’s best to start with real experience with the practice. Read some books or check out YouTube videos to understand more about these energy healing methods. Next, the best step is finding a practitioner and getting some real experience with energy healing.

How to Find an Energy Healing Practitioner  width=

As with any service you might seek, there are varieties in practice and personalities. Just as you might want to visit several physicians to find one that meshes with your communication style and expectations, you’ll have to do the same thing with finding energy healing practitioners. 3

If you live near a bigger city, there will be a great number of energy practitioners available to you. You might ask your friends if they have experience with the practice of interest to you. Often, even in smaller communities, you can find a holistic healing or wellness center where many styles of alternative medicine and healing practices are provided. As with any new resource, visit and get a tour. Ask about references. Meet and interview potential practitioners.

Once you’ve found someone to work with, remember that they are providing a service to you. Most importantly, you should feel free to ask questions about the treatment you seek. It’s a good idea to try a new energetic practice several times before deciding if it’s really working for you. Unlike traditional Western medicine, you may not see the dramatic, immediate effect from energetic healing that you are used to when taking a pill for a headache, for example.

If your interest in energy healing extends to learning how to use these practices yourself, your practitioner can give you simple techniques you can use on yourself or might also explain how they got her training.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a basic overview of some of the healing energy practices, try determining which one might be a good fit for you. Once you’ve done this, try it out. You might be surprised by how it may affect your overall well-being.

Photo credits: Asmiana/, BenjavisaRuangvareeArt/, Photosani/, LightFieldStudios/

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