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Cityscape: Which Scent Best Represents Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is an enchanting place to visit. It's like "Scotland distilled" — you're not too far away from the beautiful views and smells of nature, but you're in a city that is full of other things to do, so you don't feel too isolated from civilization. If there's one thing to say about Scottish people, especially those in a student city such as Edinburgh, they know how to have fun. Yes, Edinburgh has many tourists, especially during the Fringe Festival, but everyone receives a warm, Scottish welcome, and find hearty food and great drinks, as well as stunning architecture and beautiful scenery. It's a wonderful place to explore and affordable to visit.

The beautiful, old city of Edinburgh is well-known for having a distinctive aroma. Historically, Edinburgh was called "Auld Reekie", because of the dense population and the smells. In 2013 this title stood when they were voted "the smelliest city in the world". However, depending on the time of year and the area you go to, the smells can be incredibly pleasant.

Essential Oils Reminiscent of the Trees and Breweries of Edinburgh



Cedarwood essential oil comes from the cedar tree. These trees were thought to be indestructible, and since the first cedar tree to be planted in Great Britain back in 1646 is still living today, it's fair to say that they are hardy, just like the Scotts! There are streets and cul de sacs named along with some variation of "The Cedars" in Edinburgh, which should give you an idea of how close you are to Cedar Woods.

You're not far from the sea, either, and there's a certain woody tint to the aroma coming from that sea, which you can get on a warm, but a mildly windy day.

cheering and beers


Myrcene is one of several terpenes that can contribute to a hoppy aroma, and its distinctive scent is one found in Edinburgh, especially near the local breweries. There's the Bellfield Brewery, the Edinburgh Beer Factory, the Caledonian Brewing Company and numerous others. Each produces their own ales, lagers or IPAs, with distinctive flavors and scents. Hops have a complex aroma, and it's hard to pick out just one scent that really rises and stands out above all the others, but once you've found that distinctive thread of Myrcene, it will take you back to your favorite bar or beer festival, or to days walking through those winding backstreets, near the castle, and exploring.

A visit to Edinburgh in May, for the Craft Beer Festival, is a must if you've never been before. The festival is in the iconic Biscuit Factory, the location of which is still a mystery but works for its hip and fun environment. The event gives a chance to learn about the Raise the Bar initiative, an event for up-and-coming brewers to showcase their ideas and for festival-goers to get to know some little-known beers.


Something to Remember Scotland By

Essential oils are a thing of beauty, and the power of the mind to remember things through scent is something that we underestimate. Scotland, in general, is a place close to the hearts of those who visit. It's a beautiful place with a rich and wonderful history. Most people remember it by sounds, or foods, like Shortbread biscuits, or the classic meat dishes, but I remember it by its fragrances! There's so much more to it though. The salts of the sea, the smells of the woods and highlands, and the wonder of the cities.

If you try some cedarwood oil, along with myrcene, you'll be able to imagine that you're right in the city with me, taking in the scenery of nature, the views of the Castle or enjoying a good Scottish beer. It gives a whole new meaning to “the smelliest city in the world.”

We hope you enjoyed this personal account by a fellow essential oil lover, Emilia O. Check out more Cityscape stories here !

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